AESE/EDP Chair of Ethics in the Company and in Society

The AESE/EDP Chair of Ethics in the Company and in Society was set up in 2011, under an Agreement between the two organizations.

The Chair is an institutional initiative, within an academic field, related to the development of an area of study. It consists of a research, teaching and dissemination programme on a particular subject matter.

A holistic vision of business requires a synthesis of technical and ethical aspects based on humanist values. We understand ethics as an orientation towards human excellence for both individuals and organizations, particularly businesses, expressed in all spheres of action.
We thus propose to research and transmit ethical knowledge that can be effectively integrated into strategic and operational decisions, in administration and management and in the development of organizations in general.
This will allow executives to lead organizations with a view to the optimization of, on the one hand, their personal development and the personal development of their employees and other stakeholders and, on the other hand, the response to their valid economic and ecological concerns.


Orientation for excellence
This is a paradigmatic orientation of the research developed by the Chair. It leads to the participation in conferences and other initiatives that highlight trends with an impact on ethics, in the company and in society.

Platform for the dissemination of knowledge

Although the first beneficiaries of the activities of the AESE/EDP Chair of Ethics in the Company and in Society are the participants in the School’s Programmes and Company’s employees, one of its main concerns – in response to the wishes of these organizations – is the dissemination of knowledge within society in general. To this end, we promote thematic initiatives open to all who want to attend, as is the case of the Seminars and Conferences on Corporate Ethics.

A form of dissemination on a broader scale, favouring Portuguese-speaking regions, is the publication of outstanding projects in Portuguese.
Ética para Dirigentes e Administradores – Como construir empresas de excelência e socialmente responsáveis [Ethics for Executives and Directors – How to build socially responsible companies of excellence] | Pedro Regojo
I am sure that this book will be helpful to those who read it, providing a grid or check list for leaders to be able to assess the merit of what they decide and the morality of their intentions, coordinating the discourse of their ends with that of their means. (from the Prologue)

Inspirando líderes [Inspiring the leaders] | Raul Diniz
Raul Diniz's various reflections on this theme so dear to the business world in particular and to society in general can be summarized in the following statement: there is no ethics of the instruments, ethics of the market, ethics of capitalism: There is a man who gives ethical sense to every behavior.

Research axes
To carry out its Mission, the Chair focuses on the study and development of theoretical concepts and concrete proposals for action, supported by the following research axes:

Fundamental principles of ethics in the company and in society

This axe enables the establishment of a dialogue between philosophical theories, economic theories and business practices, in order to present a broader and more integrating vision of the goodness of people, of companies and of the environment and to propose specific paths for the actions of executives.

New management paradigms

With a holistic and sustainable perspective and in a context of asymmetrical globalization, the Chair proposes to study key factors for the training of business cultures that promote human rights in the broadest meaning of the concept. Equally notable are the leadership, commitment and personal virtues of all the people involved - particularly senior executives. The formulation and implementation of the company’s institutional statements such as its mission and corporate values are no less important.

Presentations at conferences

Mobilization of the civil society to integrate families of refugees – The portuguese experience: Plataforma de Apoio aos Refugiados | Ana Machado
5th International Colloquium on Christian Humanism in Economics and Business
Christian Humanism - Challenged by Poverty, Inequality and Injustice
Berlin, 20 – 21 October 2016

Management control system and ethics: how is it in banking? | Rafael Franco, Marc Jacquinet, Ana Machado
19th Symposium on Ethics, Business and Society
Barcelona, 4 – 5 July 2016

Incorporating Values into Curricula | Ana Machado
EBEN Research Conference - Philosophical Foundations of Business Ethics
Copenhagen, 1 – 3 October 2015

From Greek Tragedy to Christian Drama: Determinism and Freedom in Economics | Ana Machado e Madalena Brito
4th International Colloquium on Christian Humanism in Economics and Business
Barcelona, 20 – 21 April 2015

The role of the firm in society – Differing employee and organizational perceptions | Fátima Carioca e Ana Machado
21st IVBEC CONFERENCE - The Impact of Business Ethics on Public Life
Dublin, 29 October – 1 November 2014

Age effects on the relationship between human resources best practices and work outcomes | Margarida Vaz Calado e Fátima Carioca
XXI Convegno di Filosofia – Lo sviluppo della persona nelle organizzazioni
Roma, 24 – 25 February 2014   

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