3rd Citizenship Award

On 14 January, AESE welcomed the group of outstanding winners for the presentation of the 3rd Citizenship Award for Companies and Organisations , a joint initiative with PwC since 2005. The ceremony took place with the media partnership of Público.

Sustainability integrated into the strategy of Portuguese Companies and NGOs

The analysis of the participating companies in the three years of the award shows a significant effort to integrate sustainability practices and measures into their corporate strategies. In fact, the competing entities implemented measures in areas that were not often considered previously, such as the social and environmental dimensions. After the three years of the awards, it appears that there have been positive developments with regard to the establishment of policies.

As for the Organisations, the existence of best practice in sustainability on a day-to-day basis is a constant concern, although there is still a long road ahead. Unlike in previous years, in which many of the competing institutions were stifled by a lack of financial resources, as well as incompatibility of their strategy with the means available, they are concerned equally with the definition of strategy and the capacity for self-sustainability.




António Mexia (EDP), Zeinal Bava (PT), Ricardo Salgado (BES), Paulo Bracons (AXA) and José Silva Rodrigues (CARRIS) received the 2009 Citizenship Award for Companies from the jury.

The Jury recognised the companies that distinguished themselves through Best Practice in sustainability in separate areas of operation. EDP won the Citizenship Award in the category of Industrial and Consumer Products; PT won in Technology, Information, Communication and Entertainment; BES and AXA tied in the area of Financial Services; and Carris was the winner in Other Services.

Águas de Portugal, CGD, IBM and EFACEC received distinction for the range of the initiative, in national impact, environmental impact, support for the local community and innovation, respectively.

Luís Filipe Pereira (EFACEC), Rodolfo Lavrador (CGD), Conceição Zagalo (IBM) and Fátima Borges (Águas de Portugal) offered words of thanks for the distinctions awarded.


Banco Alimentar contra a Fome, Coração Delta and Entrajuda were the three NGOs receiving the 2009 Citizenship Award.


Rui Nabeiro accepted the Citizenship Award for Organisations for Coração Delta, Rui Botelho for Entrajuda and Manuel Norton for Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome.


Special Jury Award

The members of the jury also recognised the performance of the Sonae group and Fundação de Serralves, for the comprehensiveness of their participation, for the high ratings received by the company and for the institution’s role for social and cultural intervention in the surrounding community.

Belmiro de Azevedo, one of the invited speakers, discussed the sustainability practices in use at Sonae. Luís Vicente Dias accepted the Special Jury Award on behalf of the Group.

Cristina Passos was the representative of Fundação de Serralves to whom the Special Jury Award was presented for the work that the organisation has undertaken in recent years.