4th Citizenship Award

PwC and AESE are organising the 4th Citizenship Award, aiming to recognise best practice in sustainability of companies and non-governmental organisations. The names of the winners will be announced on 18 November, at a ceremony taking place at AESE. As in the two previous years, the candidates were faced with a comprehensive questionnaire, created based on the methodology of SAM (Sustainable Asset Management), a Swiss body that evaluates companies that are part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.


For these Awards, which have seen a significant increase in applications compared to the previous year, the largest companies in the country are represented, from the main sectors of activity, such as banking, transport, construction and telecommunications. In all, more than 100 companies and NGOs participated, about half of which made it to the second stage.


According to the bodies in charge of the Citizenship Award, “the strong support of the companies and organisations for this initiative is very positive, as it shows a great concern with regard to the pillars of sustainability. The demanding questionnaires even lead many companies and organisations to perform a self-analysis of their practices and realise that it is possible to do more in terms of social responsibility”.


It should be remembered that the Citizenship Award aims to recognise the companies that are most successful in the application of their social responsibility policies and rewards the NGOs with the best practices in the application of existing resources to achieve their ultimate goal.



The jury, chaired by Jorge Sampaio, includes various important figures from the corporate, academic, social, environmental and political sectors of Portuguese society.



Last year, this initiative recognised best practice in social responsibility, simultaneously in the economic, social and environmental areas, by companies such as EDP, PT, BES, AXA, Carris, EFACEC, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, IBM and Águas de Portugal. Entrajuda, Banco Alimentar contra a Fome, Coração Delta and Fundação de Serralves were the NGOs recognised for excellent practices in the effective use of their resources.