Case Method

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Leadership is only learned... by leading.

This is why the learning process at AESE is inspired by the model of
Harvard Business School. By exposing participants to real business conflicts, the leaders are called upon to assume the role of decision-makers under circumstances similar to those of daily corporate life. The cases present challenges that require effective responses by means of a rigorous analysis of limited or insufficient information, in ambiguous or complex political and economic contexts. The individual diagnosis and the decisions are negotiated with experienced, talented and ambitious colleagues.


Currently, the Case Method is recognised as a sophisticated means of transforming the potential talent of participants into powerful decision-making ability. AESE remains at the forefront of teaching with the Case Method in Portugal.

The cases produced by AESE are part of the ECCH database, the most commonly used worldwide repository of cases serving international Business Schools.

Stimulating personal growth through decision-making

The structure of AESE was designed with the Case Method in mind:

The interaction with colleagues fosters an environment of trust, encouraging the participants to take risks and develop a quick-thinking and cautious attitude. The friendships created among the participants are seen as added value of the AESE training for life.

Phases of the Case Method

Individual study of the cases is followed by a group discussion

The Learning Teams help to prepare the cases in a collaborative environment, providing the opportunity to test ideas.

The classrooms of the main building were specially designed for Case Method learning.



The Case Method in Harvard and IESE