"Grameen" case wins European competition for Business Schools

AESE Professor Eugénio Viassa Monteiro  received an award from ECCH (European Case Clearing House) in the most prestigious competition for business schools in Europe. The award ceremony took place in September in London.

The ECCH competition awarded the most important cases produced by European Business Schools. The winner in the area of Social Entrepreneurship, Prof. Eugénio Viassa Monteiro, wrote the case, “The Grameen Bank: Credit as a Human Right”. AESE was thus one of the winning Business Schools in 2010, along with London Business School, IMD, INSEAD, Cranfield, EABIS and IESE.

This case was the result of a research project developed in cooperation with Ana Janeiro Dias (Executive MBA AESE/IESE). Eugénio Viassa Monteiro states, “The ECCH Social Entrepreneurship Award is international recognition of what AESE has been doing and teaching for some time, developing these “cases” which facilitate the understanding of entrepreneurship and the deepening of the central aspects that bring an initiative to completion. In social institutions,  more exercise and learning take place, given the scarcity of resources and the great needs to be met, requiring that the organisations be very “lean” and, above all, act with the utmost efficiency.

In Social Institutions, the difficulties that arise along their “path” are usually an opportunity for careful study and exercise of imagination to find highly creative solutions. These solutions almost always represent a remarkable breakthrough with regard to the difficulties and a great leap forward. ECCH used objective methods in giving awards to Cases divided into nine Categories, and AESE is thus in the company of top Business Schools such as LBS, IMD, IESE, etc.”

According to Richard McCracken, Director of ECCH, “The 2010 Awards reflect the growing number of schools writing successful teaching cases and we are delighted to welcome AESE –  Escola de Direcção e Negócios to the top table of European case authoring schools.”

AESE – School for Management and Business has been the leader in
Case Method education in Portugal since 1980. The value of this award lies in the awareness that it will generate not only within the worldwide educational community, but also in the business world, through the dissemination of best practice in corporate management and leadership.