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Gavin Eccles

Política Comercial e Marketing

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Senior Teaching Fellow

Gavin Eccles holds an Undergraduate degree from the University of Sheffield, a Masters degree in Strategic Marketing Management from the University of Surrey (Guildford, United Kingdom) and a BSc (Hons).

He is a Marketing consultant and professor, with several years of experience in strategic management. Gavin has extensive experience in the development of effective business strategies. He works with Marketing and Strategy from a corporate perspective. Among his international clients are Sony Ericsson, American Airlines, Marks and Spencer, Syngenta, Shell, BBC, Guinness, and Marriott hotels, in addition to a wide range of public sector organisations.

Gavin Eccles was in charge of the Marketing Development for British Airways, in terms of both the brand and the communication strategies. Prior to British Airways, he worked with Forte / Le Meridien Hotels to develop their brand strategy in the United Kingdom.

Gavin Eccles is the author of numerous articles and book chapters on the change of the role of marketing and strategic management.

His interests include the following:

• Marketing

• Strategic management

His hobbies are attending games of the UK’s Blackburn club, playing golf, football and travelling.