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Adrián Caldart

Política de Empresa

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Adrián Caldart was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

He holds an Undergraduate degree in Business Administration and National Public Accounting from the Universidad Católica Argentina, a Masters degree in Economics from ESEADE (Buenos Aires) and a PhD in Management from IESE Business School.

Adrián Caldart worked for 7 years as an executive for the Techint and Perez Companc industrial groups in Argentina, in the sectors of corporate finance and corporate planning. He worked as a trader for the Perez Companc group, responsible for managing the financial derivatives position linked to energy-related commodities. He also worked in the areas of corporate management planning and control for the group.

In academia, he was a professor of Accounting, Costs and Strategy at the Universidad Católica Argentina from 1991 to 1999. During his doctoral studies, he worked with Spanish academic institutions including ESCI, the Universitat de Terrassa and the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. After completing his doctorate, Adrián Caldart worked as a full-time Professor of Strategic Management at Warwick Business School (Coventry, United Kingdom) from 2004 to 2009.

Prof. Caldart’s relationship with AESE began in 2003, when he became a visiting professor of General Management, Control and Finance. Since 2009, Adrián Caldart has been Professor and Coordinator of the General Management department at AESE. He is also a member of the school’s Academic Board. In addition to his work with AESE, he is a visiting professor of Strategic Management at IESE in Madrid and an Associate Fellow at Warwick Business School.

Adrián Caldart regularly writes articles for international academic journals as well as teaching material, including ten Corporate Strategy cases and numerous technical notes.


Recent academic publications:

Vassolo, R., Kleinhempel, M., Caldart, A., and Fragueiro F. (2011). The search for the regional advantage: the regional organization to innovate in Latin America. Harvard Business Review (Latin American edition) (to be published in January 2011)

Caldart, A., Vassolo, R. and Silvestri, L. (2010). Induced variation in administrative systems: experimenting with contexts for innovation. Best Paper Proceedings, Academy of Management Conference. Montreal, August, 2010.

Caldart, A. and Oliveira, F. (2010). Analysing industry profitability: A “complexity as cause” perspective. European Management Journal, 35: 155 164.

Robertson, D. and Caldart, A. (2009) The Dynamics of Strategy: Mastering Strategic Landscapes of the Firm. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Robertson, D. and Caldart, A. (2008) Natural Science Models in Management: Opportunities and Challenges. Emergence: Complexity and Organization (E:CO), 10, 61-75

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His interests include the following:

• Corporate strategy

• Strategic planning

• Internationalisation of companies and management of multinational companies


His hobbies include tennis, swimming, reading and listening to music.