Core Faculty

Ramiro Martins

Política Comercial e Marketing

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Ramiro Martins was born on 16 October 1960 in Porto.

He holds an Undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from UP (1983), where he specialised in Biotechnology. He attended the PADE at AESE (1988), the Academic Development Programme at the Instituto Bravo Murillo (2005) and the Strategy and Marketing Programme at the Ross Business School at the University of Michigan (2007-2009). He is currently attending the MSc programme in Business Research at the Henley Business School, part of the DBA Programme of the University of Reading, UK.

He was Managing Director of Invictos Distribuição Alimentar SA, Director of Modelo Continente Hipermercados, SA, of the Grupo Sonae, and Managing Director of Dia Portugal - Distribuição Alimentar SA, and he launched the operations of Dia Brasil. He was also Director of Mundial Confiança – Companhia de Seguros, Director of EPS – Multicare – Cuidados de Saúde SA, and of Linha de Cuidados de Saúde – Saúde 24, SA, and Unimed. He is currently Senior Managing Partner of Algorithm and Managing Partner of Smith+Co (Iberia).

He was an Assistant to the Marketing Chair at the Escola Superior de Biotecnologia of the Universidade Católica do Porto.

He has been a Professor at AESE since 1995, where he has been Chair of the Department of Commercial Strategy since 2008. He has also taught at the Instituto San Telmo in Seville and Málaga and at the Instituto Bravo Murillo in the Canary Islands. He is also Director of the Centre for Marketing Studies at AESE, which provides external Market Research services.

He has supervised countless Commercial Strategy case studies, some of which have received international awards.

He enjoys spending his free time with his two daughters. He also regularly listens to music and visits exhibitions and art galleries. His passion for automobiles, especially sports cars, is well known.