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AESE provides great benefits to high performance professionals

AESE provides all the candidates for the Executive MBA AESE/IESE the possibility to resort to three different types of scholarships.


A merit Scholarship is awarded to high academic and professional profile executives. The scholarship can cover up to 30% of the fees but  is not cumulative with other benefits. All the candidates with application processes concluded until the 30th of June can apply.

The Carlos Parreira Scholarship, named in honor of deceased AESE Professor, provides all the NGO executives the possibility of being reimbursed in up to 70% of the MBA fees.

Finally, the Babysitter Scholarship, awards the amount of 250€ each term to mothers with children up to the age of 10.  One scholarship will be given to each family (not subject to the total number of children) who choose to hire a person or a company to provide babysitting services, throughout the Programme. This scholarship will be deducted from each of the 5 quarterly payments of the Executive MBA AESE/IESE.

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