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Entrepreneurs: the secret of the Indian economy

The Executive MBA AESE/IESE International Week in India

The Indian Institute of Management of Ahmedabad (IIMA) hosted the 9th Executive MBA, between the 6 and 12 of March, for an intensive International Week.

The sessions given by Professors Samir Barua, Errol D’souza, Meenakshi Sharma, BH Jajoo and Diptesh Ghosh, received several compliments from the participants. And the visits to the local companies Motif (BPO Company) and Claris Lifescience were also greatly valued.

Raquel Caeiro, Clients Manager, Millenniumbcp, considers that “the International Week, in an emerging country, allows contact with a reality much different from the Western world. There are numerous business opportunities and the culture is very interesting. Makes us see other perspectives and enhances the change in our mindset, increasing the ability to adapt faster. This week prepares us to face different realities in our professional life.”

Pedro Ferreira highlighted the capability of India to be “reborn from the ashes”, currently being a services economy “of high value-added and technologically one of the world’s most advanced”. He also states that “the entrepreneurship that encompasses the Indian society, in spite of the bureaucracy” manages to prevail, and should therefore be an example to follow in Portugal.