The Business Initiative Chair is a fund established at AESE by António Brandão Miranda, with the aim of promoting studies and activities that encourage entrepreneurship in Portugal and from Portugal. This initiative was introduced on 27 January 2000 at the Porto Derivatives Exchange.




The CIE was formed because the Founder sensed a need to encourage entrepreneurship among corporate leaders in the youth sector, in order that organisations may generate sustained, sound progress, and because of his conviction that this economic and social development rests on the formation and transformation of attitudes. António Miranda, an industrialist from the North, simple and reserved with a keen nose for business, established the Chair with the objective of boosting entrepreneurial initiatives through research, management training and financing.

The Chair was provided to AESE to be an important instrument for this change, whether in executive training or other activities, more specifically in the area of entrepreneurship. At the same time, AESE is committed to devising an academic programme for research and development in this field, the analysis of reality, the survey of trends and the provision of training tools for business practice.

The first director of the CIE was Professor José Ramalho Fontes. In the first few years, he created a venue for the maturation of ideas and projects on wealth creation, through the School, as a platform for learning and the generation of knowledge. The CIE was initially supported by an advisory board, consisting of José Tribolet, Borges Gouveia, Augusto Medina and M. Alves Monteiro, among others.

Responsible for the CIE in 2006 was Vasco Bordado, Professor of Entrepreneurship at AESE, with extensive professional experience in corporate management and the desire to invest in new projects with entrepreneurial potential. The CIE has granted research fellowships in the area of innovation and the environment, and AESE has published case studies resulting from these research projects.

NAVES, the Venture Capital Company of AESE

Following the discussion of The Portugal Case: Management and People at the 10th AESE Alumni Assembly, a group of executives and academics committed to launching a nationally significant entrepreneurship support programme. 

The work of NAVES – New Business Ventures, carried out by alumni of the
MBA AESE/IESEis the main origin of the projects to be supported by the venture capital company. In addition to the MBAs, all AESE Alumni from the PADE, PADIS and PDE may submit their own projects. NAVES SCR is thus the financial arm of the new stimulus to entrepreneurship that AESE has been developing for 26 years among the participants in its Programmes.