Today, the role of marketing is growing in importance, with the connection between companies and consumers becoming increasingly complex. The AESE Centre for Marketing Studies (CIM) aims to help develop knowledge in this domain, with applications in both academia and the business world. The mission of CIM is to analyse Marketing Management using different approaches, from an ever-critical perspective. This intended objective covers the following aspects of strategic operation:

  • Promoting the development of knowledge and the dissemination of better practices in this category of Management;
  • Serving as a point of reference for the identification of new trends;
  • Ensuring the promotion of marketing practice closely linked to fulfilment of the essential ethical requirements;

From an operations point of view, the work of the centre focuses on two lines of action: the production of “new” knowledge and the systemisation, attraction and dissemination of “acquired” knowledge.

This work is realised through the writing of Cases, with particular attention given to national companies; Technical Notes, enriching the current offerings in the Portuguese language; and Articles, for dissemination in appropriate publications. Furthermore, there are seminars related to the practice of CIM’s activity.

Thus, the work of CIM is intended to be a compromise between research and practical application of the knowledge generated. In this sense, it aims to focus on the production of knowledge that contributes to resolution of problems and constraints for companies, particularly those strongly committed to Innovation in their marketing practices.

This research centre, operating within the academic department of Commercial Management and
Marketing since 2006, is coordinated by Prof. Ramiro Martins and composed of MBA AESE/IESE Alumni.