Message from AESE's Dean

AESE is a unique school. It is the oldest business school in Portugal. Since its foundation in 1980, mantains a strong leadership position within the national executive education, providing excellent programs inspired by a Christian vision of the person and society.

This identity is strengthened with the up to date discussed themes, such as: globalization, innovation, entrepreneurship, corporate responsibility or collaborative leadership, as well as thinking of how this issues may be integrated into the culture and business models of organizations.

All teachers have this sound approach by combining the accurancy, excellence and academic innovation with a strong rooting in the business world, and differentiating the use of the case method as a learning process.

Featuring distinctive trait as the fact that a Portuguese root school, AESE also stands out for its international nature, which is realized in association with the IESE Business School and a worldwide network of over 20 business schools. The close collaboration with these academic institutions has enabled AESE create synergies, improve and grow.

Among this group of schools, we shall mention ASM - Angola School of Management, in Luanda. AESE is from the beginning in 2008, responsible for its academic management. His former students are, so far, more than 300 local executives.

Taking into account all I have said, AESE became a reference, also due to about five thousand business leaders, Alumni. They embody the values ​​of the school and are they are committed to playing a vital role, deep, positive and lasting about people, organizations and communities they serve. They are the image and prestige of AESE worldwide.

Welcome to AESE!