AESE Summer School


AESE Summer School program is an educational experience based on the Case method. Created by Harvard Business School, the Case method is a stimulating process of training and learning in a lively and interactive format, enhancing the discovery and sharing of knowledge, while developing analytical skills.

Participants Profile

University Students who wish to have a first contact with the business world.


For two weeks in a relaxed but professional environment participants will be engaged in areas as:

Company policy
Commercial and marketing policy
Operations, technology and innovation
Accounting and finance
Human factor in the organization

The program is structured on the interaction between university students from different courses, each with their one perspectives and backgrounds, enabled by teachers with academic and business background culminating in an immersion week spent in the back of several leading companies.

Dates and location
The program takes place after the school year, during the month of July.
Lisbon | From July 1st to 12th, 2019

Schedule type
Lisbon | From Monday to Friday, full day.


  • Acquire integrated perspective of the enterprise, and decide over almost 100 cases and the testimony managers with
  • relevant careers in national and international markets;
  • Enhance the ability to analyze and solve problems and a more efficient use of tools management;
  • Confront your management practices and develop plans rigorous and realistic action
  • Improve understanding of the organization itself in confrontation with strategies and business models;
  • Expand network with teachers, Program Directors, colleagues and Alumni AESE;
  • Stimulate the competitive spirit in the analysis of a plan business where investors-participants assume the launch of and risks of new projects and business.


€ 600 + VAT

The price includes:
Support material;

The fee doesn't cover housing and living expenses. For accommodation you may want to consider the following university halls of residence:
For female university students | Álamos
Alameda das Linhas de Torres, 35, 1750-139 Lisboa PORTUGAL
Phone.: (+351) 21 7587396
For male university students | Montes Claros
Rua Vera Lagoa, 5, 1600-028 LISBOA
Phone: (+351) 21 722 1000
For further information please contact the staff of the residences directly.

For further information

“At the end of these two weeks, I think the case method should also be applied in colleges – it is totally different to be posed a problem and then have solve it from having someone who delivers us the solution in a lecture. One key point of the case method are the people that are here doing the program, all with different views, backgrounds and degrees. Another is how we visit the companies – we go in prepared to have a solution, because each participant is allocated a role play position in the company, so we are prepared to think about what we see, and what can we solve based on what we learned in the first week.”

Maria João Almeida | Mechanical Engineering

“After two intense weeks, we now understand much of what surrounds us. I believe that here I could actually understand each of the underlying problems we hear about on TV or see in the newspapers. I remember a class that I liked a lot, about the Portuguese financial policy, that was a spectacular lesson to understand the financial issues with which we live nowadays. Even I, coming from an area that has nothing to do with management, felt at home. I think anyone who is interested, who is motivated and has initiative and creativity, will enjoy being here. It’s good for the future. I will always recommend it.”

Francisca Queiroz | Architecture

“When I signed up for the Summer School, I made it to complement my training in management, an area quite different from what I’m studying at the university.
I was really worth it! Besides, the holidays are huge and the summer is not spoiled because of two weeks of work.”

Manuel Vassalo | Economy

“I enjoyed the first week. Despite coming from a different area I felt more or less comfortable with the concepts we learned. In the second week we saw companies from the inside, in a way I never thought possible – I thought it would be a superficial visit, but it was not. For example, in Portway and Luis Simões we saw the company from the back, went to backstage, to the warehouse, which was an asset. In the first week we learned the concepts and in the second week we it and applies. The whole program was very enriching.”

Filipa Barata | Equipment Design



 “I decided to enroll in the AESE Summer School because I wanted to deepen my knowledge in management, an area that was not comprehensive in course. With the program’s teaching method, learning from cases, we first have a week of school and then, on the following week, we apply the knowledge acquired. In the learning teams we are assigned a job position within the company with the objective of creating strategies and improvement plans for the company assigned. On top of gaining all this knowledge we also ended up making friends and this is a very important part. The learning teams, comprised of, above all friends, further the reflection capacity of each while exchanging experiences and sharing knowledge, which turns out to be very fruitful and a much prized added value.”

Teresa Nobre Lança | Pharmacy

"What impressed me the most was the relationship that grew between us, between the participants, promoted by the program itself. Instead of having a teacher dispersing knowledge, the teaching method – the Case Method in AESE allows a much greater contact between students and teachers, and it is in this sense that the sharing, the relationship created in just two weeks greatly enriched the program, enriched me, and for me that is the greatest asset we can take from this program.”

Nuno Raposo | Economy