Custom Programs

Programs In Company AESE aim to support companies in training of its staff, changing the mentality of participants and ensuring an immediate and permanent change.

Through these programs, participants, individually and team, are challenged to rethink and re-examine the problems and challenges facing the company in an environment that encourages creativity in the search for new ideas and mailing solutions. The immediate result of the programs is the ease and speed of implementation of these ideas and solutions.

Because every company is different, AESE proposes:

Customized programs
The Custom Programs AESE are made case by case basis for support companies in training their staff. These solutions tailored to the structure, culture and ambitions company.

Intensive programs
The Intensive Program Executive Training are the new provision of intra-company short-term programs, based on predefined training in specific areas. The way ideal running these programs is to each according with the uniqueness and necessity of each company.

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