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AESE designed several Short Focused Programs, aimed at giving managers and leaders with ideas and solutions of rapid implementation, with immediate results for both for professionals and the company.

Some AESE seminars:

A First Class Service
From Operational Strategy to the Satisfied Customer (Intensive 1 and a half day seminar)
In this seminar, we translate the strategy into the reality of the day to day life of each person. And we have created a common language, a common lexicon, of what is more important higher up in the hierarchy.

More than Negotiating Effectively | Intensive 2 days’ seminar
• Introduction to the negotiation model;
• Analyzing a real negotiation - compete and collaborate;
• Negotiating in situations with multiple variables

Speaking in Public
| Intensive 1 days’ seminar
• Preparation: secrets for any intervention;
• Physical presence and nonverbal communication;
• The speech, the read speech and speeches for the “Mass Media”;
• Participating in a debate.

How can I help my team to grow? | Intensive 1 and a half day seminar
• Developing training and leadership skills of a High-Performance Team;
• Find out what are the keys to the success of these teams and the appropriate habits to achieve its cohesion in the short, medium and long-term;
• Learning how to diagnose the team and to make the corresponding action plan for improvement;
• Increase the effectiveness of the organization, directing teams towards common goals.

Finance for Non-Financial | Intensive 4 days’ seminar
• Basics of finance, accounting and cash flow;
• Diagnosing the financial situation and anticipating funding needs;
• Financing sources and structures and growth.

Marketing as Strategy in Action | Intensive 1 days’ seminar
• SiA Model (Strategy in Action);
• Implementing the company’s consumer strategy;
• Applying the Model to the Simulator “The Big Picture Online” and its operation.

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