PADIS - Advanced Management Program for Healthcare Organizations is a real opportunity for personal improvement, professional and organizational.

Participants Profile
Leaders of Health Institutions (Primary Care, Hospital, Long Term Care, Guardianship Agencies, Organizations Technical Supervision, Deontological and Operations) from the public, private and social sector.
The PADIS lasts for 12 weeks.
Lisbon | Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning.
Oporto | Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

Dates and locations
Coimbra | From January 17th to May 8th, 2019
Lisbon | From March 26th to June 18th, 2019
Oporto | From October 1st to December 17th, 2019

International week
The PADIS includes a visit to the Clínica Universidad de Navarra.
Lisbon | From March 28th to June 27th,  2017
Oporto | From July 26th to December 12th, 2017

Human behavior in the organization
Management operations and service excellence
management control systems and finance
Information systems for health commercial direction

• To train the participants ability to articulate and be integrated in the different multidisciplinary groups
• To exercise dialogue and interpersonal respect while facing complex real life problems and to understand motivational themes speci c to the sector
• To update skills and management technics and capabilities
• To enhance the knowledge of the different areas and interactions of the nuclear of Health Management Institutions’ in order to optimize and rationalize the resources available
• To consubstantiate the capacity to decide, whilst having in mind the impact those decisions can have on other sectors and activities
• To develop leadership characteristics speci cally tailored to health care institutions ́ and the ability to align the staff with the organization’s strategy.

Portuguese, English and Spanish.

€ 7300 + VAT

The price includes:
International Week (trip and lodging);
Support material;
Parking lot.

For information on financial aid contact
Julia Côrte-Real

Upon completion of PADIS the participant is awarded an AESE diploma and joins the Alumni AESE network.