PGL - Management and Leadership Program is an executive program for leaders who, being new to managing people and companies, have to quickly gain skills and knowledge to fulfill their true potential.
Includes three intensive weeks.

Participants profile

Professionals with over 5 years of professional experience;

Dynamic, with great work capacity and ambition to face new responsibilities;
Managers of teams or projects in large companies, functional specialists with the will to access management positions in medium and large companies;
Small business managers;
Entrepreneurs who have created their company, directors or shop managers.


The PGL lasts for 16 weeks.
Oporto | Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.
Lisboa | Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.
The program is compatible with professional work, requiring weekly presence of participants in the working sessions, during two half-days.

Dates and places
Lisbon | From February 28th to June 19th, 2019
Oporto | From March 12th to July 1st, 2019
Lisbon | From October 25th, 2019 to February 14th, 2020


Personal Development and Leadership
Financial management

Business Management
Operations and Innovation

Marketing and Business trends

With the PGL Management and Leadership Program, the participants:
• Develop a better understanding of their strengths, of which skills need to be improved, of personal styles and decision processes
• Raise their self-awareness, with a greater appreciation of the role they play in the organization
• Enhance their personal skills in negotiation, presentations, and in personal and group relationships
• Acquire management models and tools
• Extend the knowledge and skills that are required in business management

At the same time, the company benefits by:
•    Developing new leaders focused on achieving results, who understand the value of team work and the long-term entrepreneurial vision
•    Providing managers with the ability to create and manage high performance teams
•    Maximizing the return on training investment.

Portuguese, English and Spanish.

€ 7,000 + VAT
With the inscription | € 2.000 + VAT
Home Program | € 5.000 + VAT

The price includes:
• Documentation;
• Support material;
• Catering;
• Parking lot.

For further information and financial aid contact
Julia Côrte-Real

Upon completion of the PGL participant is awarded an AESE diploma and joins the Alumni AESE network.