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1st time in Portugal

1st time in Portugal

AI for decision making

Managing artificial intelligence (AI) represents a new era of information technology management: it is not always easy to discern the path to take.

Building, implementing, and controlling machine learning technologies is not easy as they are a constantly evolving.

Working relationships involve collaboration between humans and machines and it is important to find a rationale to implement changes.

Understanding the risks of AI, setting the conditions for operating and not being afraid to implement change demands a lot of thinking.

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Natalia Levina has received her Ph.D. in Information Technology from MIT’s Sloan School of Management and is a Full Professor at New York University Stern School of Business. Her main research interest is in understanding how people span organizational, professional, cultural, and other boundaries while producing and using technological innovations. Currently, her studies focus on the evaluation and adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medicine, open innovation projects, theories of smart contracts, and firm-community relationships in crowdsourcing. A large part of her prior research has focused on strategies and tactics relating to global sourcing of expertise, content, and ideas. Her work has made significant contributions to the understanding of vendor capability building in professional services, multivendor portfolio strategies, knowledge-sharing and collaboration effectiveness for distributed innovation, and strategies for open innovation.

Prof. Levina is an innovative teacher who has developed a unique course on “Digital Innovation & Crowdsourcing,” which has been receiving stellar evaluations in undergraduate, MBA, and Executive MBA programs. She has been nominated for the Best Professor Award by NYU Stern’s MBA students. She is a frequent speaker on these topics in academic and industry conferences.
Her research has been published in top journals such as Information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly, Organization Science, Academy of Management Journal, Decision Sciences Journal, and Harvard Business Review, among others. She has received the Best Published Paper of 2015 Award in the field of Information Systems, Best Published Paper of 2015 Award from Information & Organization journal, Best Published Paper of 2015 award from Academy of Management Research Methods Division, Best Published Paper of 2014 award from the Academy of Management OCIS Division, numerous best conference paper awards, and two Ph.D. dissertation awards. Prof. Levina has previously served as a Senior Editor at Information Systems Research, as a board member of Organization Science journal, and is currently an editorial board member of Information & Organizations. She has served as a program co-chair for the 2016 International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) and the conference chair for Collective Intelligence Conference (2016). She has chaired AIS Special Interest Group (SIG) on Grounded Theory Method from 2016-2020. Prof. Levina was awarded numerous research grants including Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Industry Studies Fellowship, IBM Shared University Research Award, and National Science Foundation VOSS Research Grant. She was a visiting professor at the Warwick Business School, the University of Cambridge (UK), the U. of Hawaii, and the University of California Santa Barbara.

Marta Faria,
Professor of Human Behaviour in the Organization and Microeconomics at AESE


  • Understand the right moment to implement a certain AI tool
  • Learn how machine learning can be used to solve several sorts of problems
  • Understand how AI is reshaping industries and sectors
  • Gain a clear understanding of the ethical questions raised by AI.

About AESE/EDP Chair in Ethics in the Company and in Society

The AESE/EDP Chair in Ethics in the Company and in Society was set up in 2011, under an Agreement between the two organizations. The Company and the School have undertaken to develop the 1st Corporate Chair – Ethics in the Company and in Society, through which they can, on the one hand, consolidate the information provided in classes taught in the School on this subject and, on the other hand, offer advanced training on ethics to the Company’s workforce. (on the AESE/EDP Agreement).

The Chair is an institutional initiative, within an academic field, related to the development of an area of study. It consists of a research, teaching and dissemination programme led and developed by an AESE professor in order to perfect knowledge on a particular subject matter.

“Several years after the creation of the AESE-EDP Chair in Ethics in the Company and in Society, we can now assess, with a certain distance (historic acceleration has compressed all timeframes), the great rewards that it has brought and the prospects that are opening up.
It is not just the research that it has made possible, the seminars that it has enabled us to organize, with foreign visiting lecturers who are leaders in this field, but, above all, the existence of a team dedicated to developing a theme that is at the heart of both AESE and EDP and is so crucial to organizations.
EDP has rightly gained international recognition for its long track record in this field, including the successive implementation of the most highly recommended best practices.
A commitment to ethical leadership, with best practices and with social and environmental responsibility, will be the hallmark of large organizations in the future, for which they will be judged, in addition to the results they obtain.” Raul Diniz, Chairman of AESE and holder of the AESE/EDP Chair in Ethics in the Company and in Society

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Any person that belongs to middle and top management of any company


AESE | Edifício Sede
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This Short Program will be lectured in english and portuguese.


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9th october 2023


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Filomena Gonçalves

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Filomena Gonçalves

Tlf (+351) 217 221 530

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