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Adolfo González

Commercial Strategy and Marketing
Senior Teaching Fellow

Adolfo González was born in Mozambique (Maputo). He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering (Universidade do Minho), has a certificate of  Ross Business School’s Program of Strategy and Marketing (Universidade de Michigan), and of 26th PDE (AESE).

Since 2004, he is an AESE professor in the area of Business Policy and Marketing. He is also Co-Director of the Management and Leadership Program (PGL), since 2011, and Health Sector Senior Management Program (PADIS), since 2005. He is in charge of AESE business activity in the North of the country. He teaches, since 2009, at the Angola School of Management (Luanda) and he is member of the team which develops AESE’s activity in Moçambique, since 2012.

As a consultant, he has developed business projects (mainly sales management and sales teams, and restructuring of commercial areas), in companies active in different sectors. Among others, motorcar, publishing, hospital, entertainment, real estate, construction, slight metalworking, etc.

The hobbies to which he gives most attention are sport and cooking.

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2023 Copyright AESE Business School :: Todos os direitos reservados