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João Cardoso

AESE’s Executive MBA is a unique experience, a programme focused on people in an extremely collaborative environment.

Carlos Bechara

Through an array of subjects ranging from fundamental disciplines in management to the world of entrepreneurship, the AESE EMBA has been a catalyst to my personal and professional growth.

Patrícia Madeira

“AESE’s MBA was a “trigger” in my personal and professional development. The diversity of the participants, the subjects taught and the way the programme is structured allowed me to develop fundamental skills for making strategic decisions, while never forgetting the importance of the human dimension as a fundamental pillar of any organisation.

Taking the AESE Executive MBA changes you. As Alumni we continue to evolve constantly.”

Nuno Correia

My participation in the 14th Executive MBA AESE was fundamental to the company’s new cycle of sustained growth, which was focused on embedding its strategic position, rather than expanding and compromising.

Maria João Tomaz

What I best remember is the increase in confidence in decision-making, the development of the capacity to listen, to take the floor, to argue, to learn when to retreat, to emphasize, characteristics incomparable to any other teaching method and which make a difference in day-to-day business.