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Eurico Nobre

Commercial Strategy and Marketing
Senior Teaching Fellow

He is Chief Strategy Officer at GLD Partners, a group with investments in the financial area, real estate, distribution and retail, tourism and leisure.

Initially holding an editorial position, and later working in marketing, his media career took him to TSF, RTP e Diário de Notícias.

After he completed his Undergraduate degree in Marketing, at UNI, a new challenge presented itself. In the middle of the “dot com” boom, at the close of the ‘90s, he joined the start-up Absolut-System, where he created the Consultancy Department. Soon after, the company was acquired by the WPP group. The new millennium thus saw him join the team at OgilvyInteractive, as Senior Consultant, and later at OgilvyOne, as Director of New Business, a period during which he completed a Postgraduate degree in management at the Universidade Católica de Lisboa.

In 2005, a double adventure: the beginning of the 3rd Executive MBA AESE/IESE and the move to EMI Portugal as Director of Strategic Marketing. This intense and demanding academic and professional experience also coincided with the birth of the first of his three children.

He returned to Ogilvy in 2007, as Director of Client Services. Since 2009, he has been Chief Executive Officer of the OgilvyOne group and a member of the Board of the Ogilvy Portugal group, till 2016.

He is a founding member of the Centre for Marketing Studies at AESE Business School, and a professor of Commercial Management and Marketing.

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2020 Copyright AESE Business School :: Todos os direitos reservados