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Excelling in Leadership

In a global world with rapid changes, the Executive MBA intensive week contributes to the development of the participants.

The experiences, knowledge and skills acquired and developed lead to better management and greater enterprising capacity, which is reflected in concrete progress.

On top of opening new horizons and enabling international networking, the conferences given will provide the participants with a global and in-depth context of the trends and focus of today’s executives.

Excelling in three areas

Global Leadership

The internationalization of the firm poses singular challenges associated to the management of people in organizations. Among these we can include the ability to manage effectively international assignments; to transfer knowledge across locations; to find, develop and retain talent across different locations and to deal with the singular management challenges posed by multicultural environments.

Design Thinking

Being creative in business is not a choice, it’s an obligation. Managers’ ability to come with new and useful ideas is be- coming more important as competition has moved from efficiency towards inno- vation. Creativity mixes inspiration with stimulation. These sessions will deal with Design Thinking as a methodology for idea generation.

The real work of the CEO

The roles of the CEO as business strate- gist, organizational leader and key actor of the Governance Structure of the firm are subject to new challenges in the current business environment, such as the globalization of businesses, the emergence of new business models that disrupt current business practices across many industries and the challenge of creating economic value in ways that are, both, environmetally sustainable and socially responsible.


Please send an email to Luís Dias: luis.dias@aese.pt 


    The intensive week will take place at: AESE Business School, Calçada de Palma de Baixo, 12, Lisboa.
    AESE reserves the right to alter the lectures to offer a comprehen- sive program in keeping with global market requirements.








    1500 euros (VAT included)

    The students of the Meiji Business School are exempt from the tuition fee.

    The tuition for the Executive MBA intensive week includes documentation, meals and coffee-breaks.
    Both hotel and travel booking expenses are the participants’ responsibility.

    The Executive MBA intensive week awards the “Excelling in Leadership” diploma by AESE Business School.

    Testimonial for the Executive MBA AESE

    Bruno Proença
    Diário Económico

    “A motivação inicial para fazer o Executive MBA AESE/IESE residiu na procura de novos conhecimentos e competências em diferentes áreas de gestão, nomeadamente finanças, marketing ou operações. Perante a crise que marca estes tempos, acredito que a formação é um fator ainda mais diferenciador. Devemos apostar sempre na formação mas, com o mercado em contração, devemos fazê-lo com mais profundidade... Saí da AESE com mais potencial para ser um líder melhor.”

    Bruno Proença | Diário Económico

    Dimas Gimeno Alvarez
    El Corte Inglés

    “Quando assumi responsabilidades de gestão no El Corte Inglés em Portugal, tive oportunidade de fazer o Executive MBA da AESE, em Lisboa... Ao longo da minha vida profissional, tenho tido o privilégio de aplicar muitos desses ensinamentos e, hoje em dia, aconselho este programa aos colaboradores do Grupo, porque conheço, na primeira pessoa, a excelência do ensino na AESE, tanto em termos académicos, como humanos e sei o quanto pode valorizar os nossos colaboradores.”

    Dimas Gimeno Alvarez | El Corte Inglés

    Tiago Pessoa
    Agri Marketplace

    "Startup portuguesa de inovação agroalimentar vence prémio europeu entre mil concorrentes." in Jornal Económico, 5/12/2018

    Tiago Pessoa | Agri Marketplace

    Sandra Perdigão

    “ [At Altice] We did things differently. Took risks and won." in Executiva, 26/10/2018

    Sandra Perdigão | Altice


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    2023 Copyright AESE Business School :: Todos os direitos reservados