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Healthcare Management and Leadership

“GLS is an online training program designed to structure and broaden knowledge about the healthcare sector. The program combines analytical rigor with practical relevance, a focus on action with a culture of decision making, social responsibility with a humanistic dimension. The 100% online sessions are composed of conference-conferences with experts in their respective fields and discussion of case studies.
The GLS is intended for professionals who do not live or work in Portugal.”

José Fonseca Pires
Program Director

Rui Mesquita
Program Director


In a specific approach to the Health System, the GLS framework allows you to develop a greater aptitude for understanding the internal reality and socio-economic context of Health Institutions.


  • Structuring the experience and knowledge acquired over a lifetime of intense work in healthcare.
  • Incorporate complementary points of view coming from colleagues with other backgrounds and experiences.
  • Enhance work in multidisciplinary teams and improve the ability to integrate, motivate and direct people.
  • Expand and update knowledge about the Management of Health Institutions, from a perspective of optimization of resources.
  • Train interpersonal relationship skills and respect for peers in an environment of complex real challenges.
  • Enable to assume new responsibilities and new challenges. Feeling sorry that the Program has ended…

    Participant Profile

    • Managers of Health Institutions (Primary Care, Hospital and Continuing Care; Supervisory Bodies and Technical, Deontological and Operational Supervision) in the public, private and social sectors.
    • Clinicians (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health professionals).
    • Team and project managers in health institutions. Leaders of Patient Organizations.
    • Executives in companies that provide services, equipment, or products to the healthcare sector (Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, IT and Communications, etc.)
    • The GLS is intended for professionals who do not live or work in Portugal.

    A reference in health management

    In 2004, AESE Business School initiated the Senior Management Program for Healthcare Institutions (PADIS).

    Aimed at Senior Healthcare Executives, PADIS will have its 35th and 36th editions in 2020, in Lisbon and Porto, respectively.

    Today, it already has more than 900 alumni, among which stand out several Presidents and Directors of Public Companies in the sphere of the Ministry of Health, Hospital Centers, Regional Health Administrations, as well as several private companies in the health sector.

    The school maintains a close relationship with the healthcare alumni community through face-to-face and online continuity sessions on management and leadership, finance, operations, innovation and other relevant healthcare topics, in partnership with several Scientific Societies and pharmaceutical companies.

    In 2020, the online program – Hospital Business Enhancement – began, aimed at pharmaceutical and medical device company managers

      Case method

      Leading can only be learned… by leading.

      By placing participants face to face with real business conflicts, managers are called upon to assume the role of decision-makers in circumstances similar to their day-to-day lives in organizations. The cases pose challenges that require effective responses in the face of rigorous analysis of limited or even insufficient information, in ambiguous or complex political-economic contexts. Individual diagnosis and decisions are negotiated with experienced, talented, and ambitious colleagues.

      Today, the Case Method stands out as a sophisticated means of transforming the potential talent of the participants into powerful decision-making capabilities. AESE remains at the forefront of Case Method education in Portugal.

      Phases of the Case Method

      • Individual case studies are followed by a group discussion.
      • Learning Teams help prepare cases in a collaborative environment, creating the opportunity to put ideas to the test.
      • The classrooms at headquarters were specially designed with teaching with the Case Method in mind.


      November 2, 2020 to February 26, 2021

      Number of sessions: 46 (fully online) Zoom

      Duration: 16 weeks


      Portuguese, Spanish, and English.


      6.500 € (+ IVA)

      Members of the AESE Alumni Association and APAE Associates will be granted a 20% discount on the total price.
      Early Bird, valid until December 18, 20% off the total price. This benefit is not cumulative with the discount already practiced for AESE Alumni and APE Associates.

      The price includes: Documentation, support material, catering and parking at the AESE building.


      November 2, 2020 to February 26, 2021

      Online – Zoom 

      Thursday and Friday from 16h15 to 19h00

      Application Deadline

      October 28, 2020

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      Mafalda Correia de Sá

      Tlm (+351) 939 939 693

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      2020 Copyright AESE Business School :: Todos os direitos reservados