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José Ramalho Fontes

Operations, Technology and Innovation

He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Porto (1971), attended the PhD Program in “Philosophy of Human Action and Organizational Management” at the University of Navarra and was named Specialist in Industrial Engineering and Management by the Faculty of Engineers. He was a Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (1971-74) and Visiting Professor at IST, Instituto Superior Técnico (1974-75). At AESE – Escola Superior de Gestão e Negócios, he has been a professor since 1984 and President of the Operations Department (1985-2010). He also taught at IESE in Madrid and other B Schools.

At AESE, since its foundation in 1980, he promoted the school and served as a member. He was Professor of Operations, Technology and Innovation and, after 12 years as Director (2002-2014), he was appointed President of AESE Business School, until 2023. He is currently President Emeritus of the School.

Among other specific projects, he launched health and agribusiness programs at AESE, the Business Initiative Chair at the beginning of NAVES SCR – a venture capital company focused on Alumni ventures. He developed a national project to increase the competitiveness of the wine business ecosystem with research work, case studies and events.

It was the inspiration behind the AESE Programs in Angola and the launch of the EFMD on business school development in Africa.

He is the author of several case studies in Operations, Environment and Innovation, published by AESE and used by several business schools.

He is a member of the Board of several companies and foundations.

His interests include the following:
• Corporate and social innovation
• Automotive sector and media
• Anthropology

He enjoys cycling in his spare time.

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