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Paulo Miguel Martins

The Human Factor in the Organisation
Senior Teaching Fellow

Paulo Miguel Martins was born in Luanda, Angola.

He holds a PhD in History of Culture and Mentalities in the contemporary period, from ISCTE, with a thesis on Cinema in Portugal. He has a degree in History from the University of Porto and a master’s from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

He is a professor at AESE in Communication field. He teaches at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, in the “Sound and Image” course and also gives training at the Val do Rio Professional School. At ISCTE, he supervises “History and Image” subject in one of the masters.

He has three novels published to date and several articles in the Portuguese press.

He writes film reviews for the AESE Courier. Some of these texts were published in his books “See, learn and win – 75 films”, then “80 new films to win in life” and recently in “Cinema inspires life – 101 films”

Your interests include
• Movie theater
• History
• Arts (from literature to music)
• Advertising and Communication

Walking as a way to get to know a place.

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2023 Copyright AESE Business School :: Todos os direitos reservados