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Advanced Management in Energy

«We are witnessing profound changes in the structure of the sector and companies seeking to restructure and adapt to the new competitive and regulatory framework. These changes create challenges that require updating knowledge, developing skills and most especially acquiring consistent perspectives on the energy sector – needs that AMEG, a program in partnership with Associação Portuguesa de Energia Associates endeavours to answer.»

Francisco Vieira

AMEG Director


The industry’s chain of activities and the challenges it faces will be presented by speakers with experience and insight gained from high-level positions in major (alternative energy) companies, alternating with the discussion of case studies that provide participants with understanding, context, and the best bases for formulating strategies and making decisions in the field of alternative and conventional energy management.


  • Acquire relevant information about the various activities that make up the value chain of the alternative and conventional energy management sector.
  • Characterize the ongoing transition and its impacts on the economy and society.
  • Develop and improve your management skills.

    Participant Profile

    The program is designed for managers in the energy sector and other business sectors and is particularly suited for executives in industrial, technical, legal, financial, investment, commercial, communications, consulting sectors who benefit from a better understanding of energy activities and markets.

    Themes and competencies

    Oil and Gas
    Upstream; Downstream and Natural Gas – Geopolitics, markets and regulation

    Generation; Transportation; Distribution and Commercialization

    Renewable Energy Sources
    Overview; New Business Models; Investment in Renewable Generation and Technologies and Developments

    Markets and Regulation
    Sector’s legal framework; Regulation Model in Portugal; Markets

    Energy Policy and Transition
    Geopolitics of Energy and Energy Scenarios – Decarbonization

    Mobility and Transportation
    Challenges and Options and Electrification

    The Energy Bill and Energy Efficiency

    Innovation and Digital
    Innovation in the Electricity Sector; Innovation in Transportation Networks and Digital Transformation in Energy

    The program includes visits to reference units in the energy sector in Portugal.
    At AMEG, speakers with top-level experience in leading companies in the industry provide insight and context that will give participants the best basis for formulating strategies and making decisions in the energy field.

      Professors and Lecturers

      Agostinho Abrunhosa, Professor da AESE
      Ana Quelhas, EDP
      Ângelo Sarmento, EDP Distribuição
      António Comprido, APETRO
      António Costa Silva, PARTEX Oil & Gas
      António Coutinho, EDP Inovação
      Duarte Nuno Porém
      Francisco Vieira, Professor da AESE
      João Garrido, Caparica Solaris
      Jorge Mendonça e Costa, APIGCE
      José Fonseca Pires, Professor da AESE
      Juan Luís Lopez Cardenete, Professor da IESE
      Marco Arcelli, Professor da IESE
      Nuno Ribeiro da Silva, ENDESA
      Paulo Preto dos Santos, DOUROGAS
      Pedro Água, Professor da AESE
      Pedro Amaral Jorge, APREN
      Pedro Leão, Professor da AESE
      Pedro Neves Ferreira, EDP
      Pedro Pimentel, Professor da AESE
      Pedro Ricardo, GALP
      Pedro Verdelho, ERSE
      Ramiro Martins, Professor da AESE
      Victor Baptista, REN

      At AMEG, the speakers, who have top-level experience in leading companies in the sector, offer a vision and a context that will provide participants with the best basis for formulating strategies and informing decisions in the field of energy.

      Case method

      Leading can only be learned… by leading.

      By placing participants face to face with real business conflicts, managers are called upon to assume the role of decision-makers in circumstances similar to their day-to-day lives in organizations. The cases pose challenges that require effective responses in the face of rigorous analysis of limited or even insufficient information, in ambiguous or complex political-economic contexts. Individual diagnosis and decisions are negotiated with experienced, talented, and ambitious colleagues.

      This is why learning at AESE is inspired on the Harvard Business School model and developed in the image of the IESE Business School.

      Today, the Case Method stands out as a sophisticated means of transforming potential talent into powerful decision-making capabilities.

      Phases of the Case Method

      • Individual study: Reading and studying each case in order to analyze the facts, alternatives, and decisions that can unfold from it.
      • Study Group: The richness of this step lies in the fact that each of the participants will present approaches and solutions based on their background and professional experience. The various approaches are also an excellent opportunity to examine the different criteria.
      • Plenary session: With a broader view and as a result of the evaluation carried out in the two previous phases, the professor leads and coordinates the debate, summarizes the main aspects of the case, relates them to the most significant theories, and highlights the relevant values and options, taking into account the various criteria alternatives and possible decision.


      AMEG will take place from January till May 2025.
      Sessions usually start with lunch on Monday and run until 7:30 pm. On Tuesday the schedule is from 9am to 1:15pm.

      Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish


      7.245 € (+ VAT)

      Members of the AESE Alumni Association and APAE Associates will be granted a 20% discount on the total price.

      The price includes: Documentation, support material, catering and parking at the AESE building.


      Júlia Côrte-Real

      Cell (+351) 939 871 256


      Júlia Côrte-Real

      Cell (+351) 939 871 256

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