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Agricultural and Agribusiness Management

“GAIN helps to look at the past, to refocus in the present and to prepare for the future; and all this evaluation – shared and enriched with partners of the vast Agro-Food Sector together with upstream or downstream players – enables change, induces improvemt, prompts transformations.”

Gonçalo Santos Andrade

Program Director


The Program includes a group of sessions at the IESE Barcelona.


  •  Improve analytical and decision-making skills
  • Consolidate concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Develop the strategic capacity to approach new markets and realities
  • Enable your organization for internationalization
  • Better understand one’s own organization, in comparison with different strategies and business models
  • Confront, while interacting with other participants, their agricultural management practices
  • Acquire a comprehensive perspective of the new trends in the global economy
  • Improve self-knowledge and directive skills

    Participants profile

    Entrepreneurs and Managers from the agro-food sector who wish to update knowledge, consolidate and acquire skills and deepen and share business experiences.

    Program structure

    Themes that will be addressed at GAIN:

    • The company and the whole;
    • Materialization of the promise;
    • Knowing the customers and the competition;
    • Financial, control and accounting dimensions;
    • Motivation and leadership.

    The knowledge and skills acquired and developed throughout the program are complemented with lectures given by reknowned speakers.

      Case method

      Leading can only be learned… by leading.

      By placing participants face to face with real business conflicts, managers are called upon to assume the role of decision-makers in circumstances similar to their day-to-day lives in organizations.
      The cases pose challenges that require effective responses in the face of rigorous analysis of limited or even insufficient information, in ambiguous or complex political-economic contexts. Individual diagnosis and decisions are negotiated with experienced, talented, and ambitious colleagues.

      This is why learning at AESE is inspired on the Harvard Business School model and developed in the image of the IESE Business School.

      Today, the Case Method stands out as a sophisticated means of transforming potential talent into powerful decision-making capabilities.

      Individual study: Reading and studying each case in order to analyze the facts, alternatives, and decisions that can unfold from it.

      Phases of the Case Method

      • Individual study: Reading and studying each case in order to analyze the facts, alternatives, and decisions that can unfold from it.
      • Study Group: The richness of this step lies in the fact that each of the participants will present approaches and solutions based on their background and professional experience. The various approaches are also an excellent opportunity to examine the different criteria.
      • Plenary session: With a broader view and as a result of the evaluation carried out in the two previous phases, the professor leads and coordinates the debate, summarizes the main aspects of the case, relates them to the most significant theories, and highlights the relevant values and options, taking into account the various criteria alternatives and possible decision.


      GAIN includes a group of sessions at the San Telmo International Institute in Seville.


      GAIN will take place from January till May 2024, in Lisbon

      The knowledge and skills are acquired and developed over 7 blocks of two days, in sessions of 1h15 each, complemented by conferences given by keynote speakers.


      Portuguese and Spanish.


      6.500 € + VAT

      The price includes: the hotel and sessions at IESE, documentation and support material, catering and parking at AESE.

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      Catarina Lourenço

      Tlf (+351) 217 221 530


      Catarina Lourenço

      Tlf (+351) 217 221 530

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