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Ana Machado

The Human Factor in the Organisation
Assistant Professor
Born in Porto, Ana Machado holds an undergraduate degree and a Master’s in Economics, from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, having started to work with AESE at that time. She was a director of Associação Juvenil dos Álamos, responsible for the organization of the Introduction to Business course, which is organized in cooperation with AESE.

She did an internship in the Department of International Relations of Banco de Portugal and worked for the Regulatory Authority of the Energy Sector. During that time she published her first scientific article “The signalling theory of excessive technological adoption”, Health Care Management Science 2 (1999), with Pedro Pita Barros and Carlos Gouveia Pinto.
She then spent three years in Italy, pursuing postgraduate studies in Philosophy. Since she returned to Portugal, she has been working in consultancy to tertiary sector organizations. In 2007, she resumed contact with the AESE, attending the PDE.
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2023 Copyright AESE Business School :: Todos os direitos reservados