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Building the future

“In an innovative format, the Family Business Program – Building the Future – provides a unique opportunity to diagnose the situation of your family business by reflecting in a systematic and very thorough way, on how critical aspects for the legacy of the business are being taken care of, such as continuity and transition moments, growth strategy, communication and relations with the family.”

Pedro Alvito
Programme Director


The aim of the program is to bring everyone together as an intergenerational group to do a self-assessment of the situation of their company, specifically in its context and diversity, with a view to mapping, analyzing, comparing and improving the existing situation and jointly defining a plan for the future.

Through this program you will expand your knowledge about successful family businesses, better understand and navigate the specific challenges and critical issues facing family businesses, and reflect on your own family business and your own entrepreneurial family.

    Check up list

    Always based on a check-up list model, it includes case preparation and discussion, debates, company presentations, conferences and group work. The program is based on 5 independent modules taking place one morning a week, over a total period of 1 month.

    The day to day life of a family business
    Topics such as the governance of the family business; the separation of ownership and management and the separation of family and management; the issue of belonging to the management as an inalienable right/obligation; the level of formalization of the family’s presence, competence, and training; the importance or not of the external to the family manager and his or her presence in the organization; dividend distribution will also be addressed. 

    Continuity in a family business
    Succession and continuity in different generations. The value and danger of a probation period outside the company. How to deal with the duality of family and business and their different relationships.

    Financial issues, financing and capital
    Explore the topic of communication, the competitive advantage it represents and the challenges it poses to family businesses. In general, communication with the media, in public, intra-company communication, and communication within the family will be analyzed. Specifically, this last point will focus on communication as a strategic factor in the family/company binomial.

    The family agreement. A system under construction

    Based on the work done in the previous modules, the different components of the family agreement will be analyzed as a way to prevent conflicts. How to manage the expectations of different generations. What can, should and should not be included in a family agreement. The issue of family leadership, social responsibility, motivations and ethics.


    Participant Profile

    The Building the Future program is intended for Senior Executives of Family Businesses who are owners or managers, and all members of the owning family even if they do not actively participate in management.

    Case method

    Leading can only be learned… by leading.

    This is why learning at AESE is inspired by the Harvard Business School model. By placing participants face-to-face with real business conflicts, leaders are called upon to assume the role of decision-makers in circumstances similar to their day-to-day lives in organizations. The cases pose challenges that require effective responses in the face of rigorous analysis of limited or even insufficient information, in ambiguous or politically-economically complex contexts. Individual diagnosis and decisions are negotiated with experienced, talented, and ambitious colleagues.

    This is why learning at AESE is inspired on the Harvard Business School model and developed in the image of the IESE Business School.

    Today, the Case Method stands out as a sophisticated means of transforming the potential talent of the participants into powerful decision-making capabilities. AESE remains at the forefront of Case Method education in Portugal.

    The cases produced by AESE are part of the ECCH database, the world’s most widely used case repository for international business schools.

    Phases of the Case Method

    • Individual case studies are followed by a group discussion.
    • Learning Teams help prepare cases in a collaborative environment, creating the opportunity to put ideas to the test.
    • The classrooms at headquarters were specially designed with teaching with the Case Method in mind.

    Next edition and duration

    The program starts in April and ends in May 2022.

    The Program is compatible with professional work.

    Date: From Aril to May 2022
    Application Deadline – March 2022
    Online in the mornings


    Portuguese and Spanish.


    Family Business Association Associates and AESE Alumni 1000€
    General 1500€

    VAT at the current rate is added to all prices.
    Included in the price is: documentation and support material.


    Graça Sousa Pinto
    Tlf (+351) 217 221 530


    Graça Sousa Pinto

    Tlf: (+351) 217 221 530

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