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Margarida Jerónimo

Head of Business Performance & Risk da Glintt

The Executive MBA AESE is a life-changing experience. This transformation journey helped me clarify what I have achieved, where I am and prepared me for the challenges I wish to embrace.

In this sense, I feel that the Executive MBA impacted me more than I ever imagined, not only as a leader, but as a person. It cultivated self-confidence and strengthened the capacity for critical analysis, judgment, decision-making, and action, either for a professional or personal purposes.

Furthermore, the Executive MBA was an amazing experience, where I shared and learned with an interesting group of people with different perspectives and backgrounds. In common we all had the drive to grow and make a difference, so we were always opened to discuss new ideas with respect for each others.

Ultimately, I must also mention the magic of the case method. This method enriched this journey because the cases expose real business dilemmas and taught me to size up business problems considering the organizational context and complex environments. Within the case method I would highlight the challenge to write a real business case inspired on a professional event we had experienced before. It was an interesting perspective because we structured a personal experience into an academic case study.

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2023 Copyright AESE Business School :: Todos os direitos reservados