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Managing and Leading

«Developing the talent of leaders is a success factor for PGL. Participants acquire a comprehensive understanding of the essentials of the various dimensions of the company and a greater dexterity in addressing the main challenges of their organization, in the awareness of themselves, their limits, strengths and points for improvement. In a rich and intense learning “laboratory”, you will know tools, concepts and have the opportunity to transform your potential into high performance.»

Lúcia Vasco
Lisbon PGL’s Director

Eduardo Pereira
Oporto PGL’s Diretor


The PGL is structured in such a way that the participants develop the necessary knowledge to be better managers and leaders. The transformation process and the development of the participants’ skills is complemented with Executive Coaching activities. PGL provides the improvement of self-knowledge and the obtaining of tools for personal and professional development, namely in the behavioral and managerial aspects.


Improve Decision Making

  • Acquire a more detailed understanding of how to make effective, consistent and aligned decisions with the company’s strategy
  • Develop trading tools
  • Build trust
  • Acquire a leader’s vision.

Build the knowledge

  • Explore fundamental concepts of management and the different functions of business organizations, in a global economic context
  • Acquire a general perspective on the organization
  • Learn about the main trends in each of the management areas.

Create your Leadership Style

  • Develop the ability to manage information and learn to analyze complex business problems
  • Lead and work as a team, becoming more effective in interpersonal communication
  • Learn techniques to motivate, align and manage teams with integrity.

Executive Coaching

  • Improve your self-knowledge, and awareness of your strengths and improvement points
  • Use personal development tools, and build your action plan
  • Get an external view of yourself and your skills through individual coaching sessions.

At the same time, the company benefits by:

  • Develop new leaders focused on achieving results, who understand the value of teamwork and the long-term business vision
  • Empower managers with the ability to create and manage high-performance teams
  • Maximize the return on investment in training for the organization.


The PGL is structured so that participants develop the knowledge needed to be better managers. Throughout the Programme, framework sessions will also be developed, where macroeconomic issues are analysed, and colloquiums with guests, entrepreneurs and managers who share their life experiences.

Personal development and leadership

  • Motivation
  • People and team management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Organization culture
  • Leader’s personality
  • Communication and persuasion
  • Time and information management
  • Leadership.

Financial management

  • Accounting basics
  • Costs
  • Management control
  • Financial analysis and diagnosis
  • Analysis of investment projects.

Business Management

  • Processes, flows and capabilities
  • Continuous improvement
  • Project management
  • Demand chain management
  • Service management
  • Development of Marketing Policies and Plans
  • Implementation of the strategy
  • Market study
  • Positioning study.

Company Policy

  • Corporate and international strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Creation of sustainable competitive advantages
  • Business model development.

Executive Coaching
Each participant will be able to participate in an individual and personalized coaching process, carried out with the help of a coach.

Case method

Leading is only learned … leading.

That is why learning at AESE is inspired by the Harvard Business School model. When putting applicants in the face of real business conflicts, managers are called to assume the role of decision makers in circumstances similar to their day-to-day activities in organizations. The cases are challenges that require effective responses to a rigorous analysis of limited or even insufficient information, in ambiguous or complex contexts from a political and economic point of view. Individual diagnosis and decisions are negotiated with experienced, talented and ambitious colleagues.

Currently, the Case Method stands out as a sophisticated medium, oriented to transform the potential talent of the participants into a powerful decision-making capacity. AESE remains in the leadership of teaching with the Case Method in Portugal.

The cases produced by AESE are part of the ECCH database, the most used worldwide case repository at the service of international Business Schools.

Phases of the Case Method

  • The individual case study is followed by a group discussion.
  • Learning Teams help to prepare cases in a collaborative environment, creating the opportunity to put ideas to the test.
  • The headquarters’ classrooms were specially designed with teaching in mind.

    Apllicants profile

    The PGL is aimed at professionals with more than 5 years of experience as a project team manager in large companies; as a functional specialist in medium and large companies; small business manager; businessman, director or store managers.

    Next editions and duration

    PGL Oporto will take place from February till July 2025.
    The sessions in Oporto are held on Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings.

    PGL Lisbon takes place from October 2024 till February 2025 and takes place at the Edifício Sede, in Lisbon.
    Sessions take place on Thursday afternoons at 2:30 pm and on Friday mornings.

    The language of the program is Portuguese.


    7,800 € (+ VAT)
    The price includes documentation, support material, catering and parking at AESE, and directive coaching with individual sessions.


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    2024 Copyright AESE Business School :: Todos os direitos reservados :: Usamos cookies para darmos a melhor experiência no nosso site. Ao continuar a sua navegação iremos assumir que não tem nenhuma objeção com a utilização de cookies.