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Today’s global managers need to have knowledge and competencies beyond those offered by university curricula. They must be able to analyze situations with clarity, make hard decisions and take responsibility for their actions. They have to find solutions to complex problems, while keeping in mind all the people who are involved in and affected by the process.

Lúcia Vasco
Director of AESE Summer School


During two weeks, in a relaxed yet professional environment, participants will develop practical management skills, grounded in theoretical knowledge, in the areas of Company Policy, Commercial Policy and Marketing, Operations, Technology and Innovation, Accounting and Finance, and Human Factor in the Organization.

The program culminates in a week-long immersion in several leading companies.


  • Structuring the experience and knowledge acquired over a lifetime of intense work in healthcare.
  • Incorporate complementary points of view coming from colleagues with other backgrounds and experiences.
  • Enhance work in multidisciplinary teams and improve the ability to integrate, motivate and direct people.
  • Expand and update knowledge about the Management of Health Institutions, from a perspective of optimization of resources.
  • Train interpersonal relationship skills and respect for peers in an environment of complex real challenges.
  • Enable to assume new responsibilities and new challenges. Feeling sorry that the Program has ended…

    Participant Profile

    For young global executives

    Case method

    AESE Summer School program is an educational experience based on the Case Method. Created by Harvard Business School, the Case Method is a stimulating process of training and learning in a lively and interactive format, enhancing the discovery and sharing of knowledge, while developing analytical skills.

    Business cases are descriptions of real-life business situations, covering a range of geographic origins and sectors. Guided by renowned professors, the case method approach combines both analysis and action. In addition to morning class sessions, the program includes lectures, discussions, company visits and debates with professors and entrepreneurs.

    Each case is prepared based on a real problem, similar to what a manager is faced with in the day to day work, filled with high risks, complexity and challenges. The analysis and discussion of the cases serves as a basis to develop the leadership skills of the participants, in a practical, real and demanding way, enabling techniques and tools decisions.


    The AESE Summer School Lisbon takes place from  the 10th till the 21st of July, 2023, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm.

    In the first week, classes take place in the morning and afternoon and will be complemented by individual and group study of the cases. The cases studied the day before will be discussed in the mornings and afternoons that follow, in learning by teams of participants and in teacher-led classroom sessions.

    During the second week, participants will conduct field days in business organizations from different economic sectors.

    The AESE Summer School takes place at the Headquarters Building, in Lisbon.




    Tuition (VAT included)

    • 900 euros: general applications.
    . 1000 euros: general applications after May 1st

    • 750 euros: children and grandchildren of AESE Alumni Members

    and of AESE Sponsor Companies.

    • 750 euros: EUCA Network Members


    Eliana Lucas

    Mobile (+351) 931 304 382
    Phone  (+351) 217 221 530


    Eliana Lucas

    Mobile (+351) 931 304 382
    Phone  (+351) 217 221 530

    2023 Copyright AESE Business School :: Todos os direitos reservados
    2023 Copyright AESE Business School :: Todos os direitos reservados