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Jorge Ribeirinho Machado

Operations, Technology and Innovation

He holds a PhD in Government and Organizational Culture from the University of Navarra, Master in Urban Planning from the Faculties of Architecture and Engineering of the University of Porto and Executive MBA AESE / IESE, graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Porto.

He worked at the Soares da Costa Project Office and Quaternaire Portugal before living two years in Kinshasa (DR Congo), where he managed development cooperation projects.

In 1999, when he returned to Portugal, he was hired to manage urban requalification projects at Porto 2001 – European Capital of Culture. He was a Guest Assistant at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

He has worked at AESE since 2003, where he held various management positions. He is currently Professor and Head of the Academic Area of ​​Operations, Technology and Innovation. He was a teacher at ASM – Angola School of Management for 10 years.

He specializes in Service Business Management, in particular in Operations, Customer Service Design and Delivery. He is a consultant in these areas and has been a non-executive member of the Board of Directors of a group of transport companies.

Programs in which lectures
Executive MBA AESE
PDE – Programa de Direção de Empresas
PGL – Programa de Gestão e Liderança
AMEG – Advanced Management in Energy
Short Programs

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