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The new leader must achieve the highest degree of professionalism and self-motivation to embark on the constant quest for excellence and personal and professional fulfilment.

At the same time, the new leader must be capable of generosity in placing all this effort at the service of others, of society and of the world.

If you consider yourself a demanding non-conformist who wants to better yourself, if you think you have far more to give to make a real and lasting impact, then you are an  Executive MBA AESE candidate.

“23 years ago, AESE developed the AESE Executive MBA in cooperation with the IESE Business School. Today we can say, with pride, that both our schools’ expectations have been largely surpassed. The Executive MBA is a leading Portuguese Programme specifically tailored for ambitious professionals who are willing to invest in developing their career. The Executive MBA AESE is a demanding program, but it has been the right choice for those who want to go even further.”

Maria de Fátima Carioca
Dean of AESE Business School

Franz Heukamp
Dean of IESE Business School

Humberto Martins
Infosaúde, ANF

the MBA at AESE program emphasized the importance of humanistic values in the business world and taught me that adding value through ethical decisions is crucial for better businesses and better leaders.

Humberto Martins | Infosaúde, ANF

Dimas Gimeno Alvarez
El Corte Inglés

“Quando assumi responsabilidades de gestão no El Corte Inglés em Portugal, tive oportunidade de fazer o Executive MBA da AESE, em Lisboa... Ao longo da minha vida profissional, tenho tido o privilégio de aplicar muitos desses ensinamentos e, hoje em dia, aconselho este programa aos colaboradores do Grupo, porque conheço, na primeira pessoa, a excelência do ensino na AESE, tanto em termos académicos, como humanos e sei o quanto pode valorizar os nossos colaboradores.”

Dimas Gimeno Alvarez | El Corte Inglés

Sandra Perdigão

“ [At Altice] We did things differently. Took risks and won." in Executiva, 26/10/2018

Sandra Perdigão | Altice

Gil Braz de Oliveira

Since completing the AESE MBA, I have had the opportunity to put to use much of what I learned, particularly how I deal with moments of decision. Today I feel that I am a more capable and more human leader.

Gil Braz de Oliveira | CGI

The six dimensions of the Executive MBA AESE

The Executive MBA is an intense journey of personal and professional transformation that prepares you to face challenges in any business scenario.

General management perspective
You will gain profound comprehensive insight into the company from a general management perspective, which will allow you to understand the uniqueness of each operational area, the relationships between them and how they are affected by your decisions.

Strategic decision making
Analyse complex problems, test different approaches and evaluate results. By examining more than 250 business cases, you will hone your ability to analyse challenging situations, justify your strategy and decide on the best course of action.

Entrepreneurial spirit
You will discover your inner entrepreneur. the Executive MBA AESE will help you detect new opportunities and acquire the knowledge and tools to make the most of them, both inside and outside your organisation.

Effective leadership
Build and align effective teams around a shared vision and a common purpose. Deepen your ethical and humanistic vision of leadership and learn to take an active role in the community.

Global reach

The programme’s high-impact content, faculty guidance and intensive weeks in global venues will give you a heightened awareness of the trends and opportunities shaping today’s global business arena.

Develop greater empathy, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and tools to communicate with confidence in any professional environment. consolidate skills to manage crises, stress and challenges. Build a network of lasting personal and professional relationships.


    1st Academic Year
    The first year lays the academic foundation for the programme. You will acquire a stronger grasp of core management areas and a holistic management outlook to lead across all areas of the organisation

    1st Semester September-December
    > Personal Development 1
    > Human Behaviour in Organization
    > Financial Accounting
    > Strategic Marketing
    > Analysis of Business Problems 1

    2nd Semester January-March
    > Operational Finance
    > Microeconomics
    > Operations Management 1
    > Marketing Intelligence
    > Analysis of Business Problems 2 (ABP2)
    > Elective track

    3rd Semester April-July
    > Personal Development 2
    > Structural Finance
    > Operations Management 2
    > Strategic Management
    > Analysis of Business Problems 2 (ABP2)
    > Elective track

    2nd Academic Year
    In the second year, you will reinforce core leadership skills and your General Management perspective and entrepreneurial skills.

    4th Semester September-December
    > Leadership, Values & Ethics
    > Advanced Finance
    > Macro Economics
    > Operational Marketing 1
    > Strategic Leadership and Corporate Governance
    > Elective track

    5th Semester January-March
    > Accounting and Management Control
    > Service Management
    > Operational Marketing 2
    > Entrepreneurial Initiative (EI)
    > Elective track

    Final Project
    > Entrepreneurial Initiative (EI)
    > Elective track

    Elective track

    Elective track
    The Executive MBA AESE elective track allows you to customize your learning path based on your preferred areas of specialization. Through participation in different short programs, you will be able to develop specific skills. Over the course of the program, participants are expected to complete a minimum of 5 full days of short programs.

    International weeks
    The Executive MBA AESE organizes international weeks in Lisbon, New York and Tokyo that promote cutting-edge knowledge about global business ecosystems and innovative management perspectives, with a global and multicultural scope.

      International weeks

      The program includes a mandatory international week, in Portugal, on the theme “Excelling in Leadership” – which will take place in September 2023, at the headquarters of AESE; and two optional weeks in the US and Japan.

      Excelling in Leadership week is dedicated to 3 main areas: the role of CEOs as business strategists, organizational leaders and key actors in the Governance structure; Design Thinking as a methodology for creating ideas; and Global Leadership and how the internationalization of a company constitutes specific challenges in the management of people in organizations.

      New York | optional week
      The IESE New York campus is located in midtown Manhattan, the city’s commercial and business district, steps away from Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and Central Park. IESE New York specializes in executive education programs focused on global business, media and entertainment, and customized programs for North American organizations.

      Meiji Business School, Tokyo | optional week
      The Meiji Business School campus in central Tokyo is located close to Otemachi, the city’s commercial and business district, just steps away from the Imperial Palace. The MBS Executive MBA is known for its focus on family businesses, startups, real estate and general management.

      Executive MBA AESE Comité

      The Executive MBA AESE Committee is made up of:
      Adrián Caldart, Director of the AESE Executive MBA Committee
      Agostinho Abrunhosa, Director of the Executive MBA AESE
      Rafael Franco, Director of the Executive MBA AESE
      Inês Magriço, Deputy Director of the Executive MBA AESE



      O Executive MBA AESE is accredited by AMBA and EFMD.

      AESE Business School is an Associate Business Member of AACSB .

      A way to learn

      Case Method
      Whether analysing the challenges faced by a construction company, an amusement park, a ceramic manufacturer or an airline in difficulty, the case method asks the participant to put him or herself in the place of the manager: How can i increase sales in a negative cycle? How can the company improve its results in a new competitive environment? What incentive policies will work in a fast-moving industry?

      In contrast to lecture-based teaching methods, with the case Method the participants do most of the talking. the teacher facilitates and guides the discussion within a theoretical framework, asking questions and encouraging the participation of the whole class to enrich the discussion with contrasting points of view, different experiences and cultural backgrounds.

      Read the case on your own, reflecting on the main issues: What is the biggest problem? What are the alternative options for action? What would you do if you were the manager in question?

      Before class, participants meet in small working groups to discuss and compare their analysis and contrasting points of view.

      The discussion is then taken to the classroom context, with the teacher facilitating and conducting a more comprehensive discussion of the case. together in a plenary session, the issues raised in the case are analysed and the different courses of action are evaluated with conclusions and learning frameworks.

      The case may be recent or a dilemma faced by a company two decades ago. However, the issues highlighted in each case are relevant and universal. More than 250 renowned national and international cases are analysed.

      For AESE professors, rich, engaging discussions and debates are the flashpoint of leadership development. From case studies to team-based projects and business simulations, they dynamically combine diverse learning methodologies to spark these vital interactions.
      The Faculty and Speakers who teach in the AESE Executive MBA combine rigour, excellence and academic quality with strong roots in the business world.

      A personal mentor will offer continuous feedback and career advice throughout the programme to ensure you get the most out of the experience and reach your fullest potential.

      Team-Based Projects ABP2 & EI
      Teamwork will provide an authentic forum for exchanging and contrasting knowledge among peers and bolster your ability to align opposing perspec- tives.

      Peer-To-Peer Learning
      The EMBA gathers successful managers from an array of industries, companies and professional profiles. the cohort’s diversity will enrich your professional network and open your eyes to new perspectives and practices outside your corporate sphere.

      Business Simulations
      You will take your key knowledge to a new level and advance your executive and communication skills in a realistic test environment, complete with time constraints and opposing power sources.

      Professional and personal development
      All participants in the AeSe executive MBA are assigned two members of faculty – a tutor and a coach – who accompany, encourage and help each participant in pedagogical, professional and personal terms.

      Next edition and duration

      From September 29th 2023 until July 2025.

      Fridays, 2pm » 7pm
      Saturdays, 8.30am » 1pm
      Once a month, one Friday is a full day and one Saturday is free of classes. Participants should anticipate 10 to 15 hours of individual study per week. the programme includes a mandatory international week and two optional international weeks.

      Study hours
      660 hours of interactive learning

      AESE Business School


      1. Submit the application form
      2. Submit the application form for waiver of the admission test, for candidates with a Doctorate, Degree average equal to or greater than 15 values ​​or with more than 5 years of experience in Management/Coordination positions
      3. Pay the registration fee (70 €)
      4. Admission Interview with the Program Director
      5. Submit two letters of recommendation based on the template to be provided by the Admissions Department

      When all the elements mentioned above have been submitted to the Admissions Department, the Executive MBA AESE Committee evaluates the application and decides on the admission of the candidate.

      Admission to the Program takes place after approval of the application by the AESE Executive MBA Committee and payment of the respective down payment.


      Base fee
      €28,750 (VAT included), payable in quarterly installments.This value includes the International Week in Lisbon, documentation, supporting bibliography, catering, and the car park at the AESE headquarters. Air tickets are not included in the price.

      Early bird
      €25,800 (VAT included), for admission processes completed and down payment paid by May 31, 2023.

      International Weeks Abroad New York and Tokyo | optional
      €1,900 (plus VAT) for each trip. This value includes the academic program. Flights and accommodation are at the expense of the participant.

      Scholarships and Discounts
      Merit scholarships are available up to 100% of the Executive MBA AESE base fee.
      Two enrollments from the same business group or two enrollments from direct family members receive a 10% discount on the base fee.
      It is not possible to accumulate discounts and benefits.

      Financing and Grants

      At AESE, you will develop the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset needed to excel in both start-up and enterprise environments. those interested in launching new ventures will find an encouraging and supportive ecosystem to transform their ideas into businesses.

      Babysitting Grant
      the Babysitting Grant is aimed at young mothers participating in the execu- tive MBA and with at least one child of a maximum age of 10 years. the value of the Babysitting Grant is 1250 euros.

      Entrepreuneur scholarship*
      This scholarship is funded through sponsorships raised by the AeSe Alumni Group and is awarded on a non-refundable basis. the beneficiary is competitively chosen by a jury that analyses the candidates’ business projects and their personal character- istics. the enterprise Scholarship covers 70% of the AeSe executive MBA base price.

      Public sector grant*
      The Public Sector Grant is awarded to candidates to the AeSe executive MBA in order to encourage the participation of managers and other senior officials from the Public Sector. this scholarship covers 50% of the AeSe executive MBA base price.

      The Carlos Parreira Teacher Scholarship*
      This scholarship, created in memory of the first Director of the executive MBA, facilitates the access of staff from NGOs and voluntary organisations to the AeSe executive MBA. the carlos Parreira teacher Scholarship co-funds 70% of the AeSe executive MBA’s base price.

      Studies scholarship
      This scholarship allows approved candidates with proven professional and academic merit and with financial need to attend the executive MBA. the selection process includes an interview with a member of the MBA committee and analysis is carried out within two weeks. the scholarship can be worth up to 30% of the base price and is not cumulative with other reductions even under special agreements between AESE and employers.

      Fomento Colleges Alumni Scholarship
      Former students and parents of current students at Fomento colleges receive a 10% discount on the AeSe executive MBA base price.

      Financial Loans
      AESE has negotiated Memoranda of understanding with several financial institutions to facilitate expeditious access to academic loans.

      Cultural Scholarship
      This scholarship is open to approved candidates with proven professional, academic and personal merit in the area of culture, music, theatre or the fine arts and in financial need in order to attend an executive training programme at AeSe Business School. the selection process includes an interview with a member of the Bolsa cultura Management committee.

      Merit Scholarship
      This scholarship is open to approved candidates with proven professional, academic and personal merit and in financial need.
      The selection process includes an interview with a member of the MBA committee. the scholarship has a potential worth of 40% of the course price and is not cumulative with other reductions.

      For more information, please contact Júlia Côrte-Real
      Phone: (+351) 939 871 255
      Email: j.cortereal@aese.pt

      * For scholarship purposes, the tuition fee of the AESE Executive MBA is considered to include only academic elements.

      Career Management Centre

      Learn to manage your career
      Your career path should be seen as a long-distance race and not a 100-meter sprint. In this sense, it is important to gain perspective on the job market, know how to design and optimize a career plan at every moment, and take action.

      The Executive MBA AESE Career Management Center offers a set of tools and personalized services that will help you pursue your career goals or discover your true aspirations. Throughout the Executive MBA, you will have the opportunity to identify your strengths and passions, broadly understand the dynamics of today’s market and learn through the testimony of other leaders.

      The aim of the program is to give participants knowledge and skills in three areas:
      1. Increase self-knowledge
      2. Build a career plan
      3. Knowing and contacting the market

      Career Management Program

      Both one-on-one sessions and expert-led workshops will enable you to create a high-impact CV, prepare for interviews, negotiate your salary and build your professional network. You will work closely with a consultant, who will help you define your own career plan and stand out in an increasingly global job market.

      Career Advisory: throughout the Executive MBA, we give you the opportunity to benefit from a one-to-one career counseling service, highly personalized and prepared to support different career needs.

      Career Workshops: By addressing topics such as personal branding, building an effective CV, networking and storytelling, the workshops seek to develop essential skills to maximize your career opportunities.

      Leader Talks: every year, we invite a wide range of executives and top managers from different sectors who come to share their professional path, their vision of leadership, as well as the trends and challenges faced by each industry.

      Executive MBA Yearbook: we believe that Alumni can be a source of mentorship and inspiration, which is why we launched the MBA Talks, where former students share their career stories, what led them to do the Executive MBA, the most relevant milestones and lessons learned.

      Class yearbook: at the end of the program, the Course Book with the participants’ profile is sent to Executive Search and Headhunting companies.

      For further information



      Júlia Côrte-Real

      Mobile (+351) 939 871 256
      Phone (+351) 217 221 530


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      2023 Copyright AESE Business School :: Todos os direitos reservados