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Agostinho Abrunhosa

Operações e Inovação
Associate Professor

He holds a degree in Business Management and Organization from ISEG – Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão and has developed his professional activity in Information Systems.

He completed the 3rd AESE / IESE Executive MBA in 2005. Since 2007, he has been a professor in the Operations, Technology and Innovation Area at AESE, where he has taught classes in several executive programs and in the Executive MBA.

He is PhD candidate of Glasgow University.

Collaborates with AESE since 1986, in view of the various functional areas. He is currently General Secretary and Member of the Board of Directors of AESE.

Throughout his professional class as a consultant in several projects of implementation of information systems.

He complemented his training base in a variety of ways in Negotiation, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Project Management and Balanced Scorecard.

He is the author of several cases in the areas of operations and technology.

His interests are as follows:

• Choice, implementation and exploration of organisational Information Systems

• New forms of online interaction (web and enterprise 2.0) and social networks

• Innovation based on Information and Communication Technologies

• Installation and use of ERPs and CRM

• Use of IT in health (process management and improvement of care provided)

• Network effect and dissemination of innovations

His hobbies are reading, watching films, listening to music, programming and walking.

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2020 Copyright AESE Business School :: Todos os direitos reservados