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Fátima Carioca

Human Factor in the Organization
Teaching Fellow

Fátima Carioca is Dean of AESE Business School, since 2014 and Professor in the area of Human Factor in the Organization, since 2005.

She has a PhD in Management from Manchester Business School – University of Manchester, a degree in Electrical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico and an MSc in Systems and Computer Engineering from the same University. She holds a Master in Marriage and Family from the University of Navarra.

Co-founder of Edisoft – Company of services and software development, where she developed, for about 20 years, various functions in the areas of Business and People Management.

At AESE, she coordinates initiatives and studies in the areas of People Management, Talent, Future of Work, Family-Work Balance, Family Business, Leadership and Business Ethics. She is the author of several articles and case studies and co-author of several books, including “Free Markets with Sustainability and Solidarity: Facing the Challenge”, “What you should know about ethics”, “Hope and Reinvention” and, more recently, “The Future of Work” .

She is married and the mother of three children.

Programs in which she teaches
Executive MBA AESE
PADE | C-Suite Program
PDE | General Management Program
AMEG | Advanced Management in Energy
Building the future in Family Businesses
GOS | Management for the Third Sector
PADIS | Top Management Program for Healthcare Institutions

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