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José Amaral

“The Executive MBA had a decisive impact on my international career in the Tetra Pak Group, since besides providing me with more tools and knowledge in management, it was a milestone that opened up my horizons, presenting new business realities and different ways of acting and thinking that are important to embrace new challenges in Portugal and, subsequently, to take the next step in leadership of teams outside the country.”

Susana Arié

The Executive MBA at AESE transformed my vision of business and of the corporate world. The knowledge I acquired has been essential for a more modern and professional approach to company management.

Gil Braz de Oliveira

Since completing the AESE MBA in 2010, I have had the opportunity to put to use much of what I learned, particularly how I deal with moments of decision.

Marta Contente

I believe it has been key to my professional development. Everything contributed to my personal “change” and has subsequently been reflected in terms of my career progression.