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Pedro Pimentel

Economics, Finance, Control and Accounting

Pedro Pimentel was born on 21 June 1960 in Lisbon.

He obtained an Undergraduate degree in Aeronautical Engineering in Madrid from the ETSIA of the Universidade Politécnica de Madrid, a Masters degree in Structural Engineering in Porto (FEUP) and a Doctorate in Economics in Lisbon (FEUNL) (specialising in Macroeconomics).

He attended Corporate Finance Programmes in Spain (IESE) and the United States (Kellogg).

He was a Junior Teaching Assistant at FEUP and a Teaching Assistant at the Universidade do Minho. He left academia in 1989, focusing on consultancy (PRIME) for several years, work that he has continued while teaching at AESE (since 1997) and serving as a member of the Management team at the school (since 2003).

Associate Dean at AESE, he is in charge of the Finance department, and worked to develop the department’s PADE, PDE and MBA programmes. He is the coordinator for AESE’s activities in the country’s northern region. He currently resides in Porto.

He is a Co Dean at AESE Business School, Member of the Order of Economists, Vice President of the Board of Directors of ASM (Angola School of Management) and a Member of the Steering Committee for the meetings of MBA Programme directors for EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development).

He is the author of various cases and technical notes.

His interests include the following
• Company valuation; project development and analysis; cost of capital; project finance.
• Corporate and institutional governance.
• Management training in the current social and economic context.
• The development of Angola.

His favourite athletic activity is running. His favourite hobbies are reading (especially fiction) and cinema.

Programas nos quais leciona
Executive MBA AESE
PADE – Programa de Alta Direção de Empresas
PDE – Programa de Direção de Empresas
PGL – Programa de Gestão e Liderança
AMEG – Advanced Management in Energy
PADIS – Programa de Alta Direção de Instituições de Saúde
GOS – Gestão das Organizações Sociais
Short Programs

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2020 Copyright AESE Business School :: Todos os direitos reservados