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Peter Drucker and Managing What’s Next

Peter Drucker, the father of modern management, once said, “The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different.” In a world defined by constant change and innovation, how we will manage what is next? Drucker also said, “the best way to predict the future is to create it.”

The Peter F. Drucker & Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management and AESE Business School are partnering to bring American and European managers together for a half-day conference dedicated to discussing how Peter Drucker principles can be applied to modern day issues.

The first part of the day will be spent discussing organizations and how we are creating a functioning, purpose-driven society. The second part of the day will be focused on individuals and how to become an effective manager utilizing Drucker principles. Let’s create the future – together!

This event is open to all alumni, students, and friends of Drucker and AESE.


16:00 Intro remarks from David Sprott, Dean’s Office, Drucker School of Management and Maria de Fátima Carioca, Dean of AESE Business School

Creating a functioning society: How Peter Drucker’s Principles are Relevant in today’s organizations
Bernard JaworskiDrucker School of Management
Vasco Falcão, Konica  Minolta
Allyson Stewart-Allen, Educator, Advisor, Author, speaker and Non-Executive Director
Q&A – Bernard Jaworski; Vasco Falcão; Allyson Stewart-Allen; Jorge Ribeirinho Machado (moderator)

Effective Management: How Peter Drucker’s Principles are Relevant for today’s leaders
Jorge Sá, Drucker School of Management
Nuria Chinchilla, IESE Business School
Ana Paula Carvalho, Pfizer
Q&A – Jorge Sá;  Ana Paula Carvalho; Nuria Chinchilla;  Katharina Pick  (moderator)

19:00 Closing remarks from David Sprott, Dean’s Office, Drucker School of Management and Maria de Fátima Carioca, Dean of AESE Business School

We hope you will join us for an exciting day of virtual talks with speakers such as:

Allyson Stewart-Allen

Allyson Stewart-Allen is a renowned educator, advisor, author, speaker and Non-Executive Director whose expertise in brand internationalisation and creating in-company leadership development programmes is sought by global businesses.

A Californian based in Europe for over 30 years, Allyson applies her extensive international consulting experience, MBA education with Dr. Peter Drucker and languages (French, German) to the company she founded, International Marketing Partners.

She has advised more than 240 businesses in 26 countries including Aegis, BAE Systems, Burberry, Cadbury, Coach, HSBC, Lufthansa, NBC Universal, SAB Miller and Shell and serves as a Board member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Allyson is author of both editions of best-selling book Working with Americans, the first business manual exclusively about the US business culture, which helps professionals improve their relationships with, and profits from, American business partners, bosses and colleagues.

An experienced and frequent commentator, she lends her insights to broadcast, print and digital media across the globe.  Besides her 4-year slot for Sky News as The Muse of Marketing, she has appeared on several television shows, including five seasons of BBC’s The Apprentice and CNBC’s The Business Class.  Other outlets regularly applying her insights include BBC News, ITV News, CNN, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, USA Today, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and Fortune magazines.

A frequent keynote speaker at international conferences, Allyson has appeared on the platforms of The Global Peter Drucker Forum, The Conference Board and Financial Times Board Directors Programme.

She served as Chair of Marketing Judges for The International Business Awards and the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Marketing Excellence Awards.  She is one of the original mentors for the Mayor of London’s International Business Programme.

Allyson currently serves as a Member of the Board of IORMA and Advisory Board of the British Business Excellence Awards, and recently served as a Non-Executive Director for the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards.

Ana Paula Carvalho

Ana Paula is Regional President of Inflammation & Immunology (I&I) for International Developed Markets (IDM) at Pfizer, responsible for shaping and driving the region’s vision, which comprises more than 20 countries across Europe, as well as Japan, Russia, Australia, Korea, and New Zealand.

Ana Paula has 25 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, studying Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Classical University of Lisbon and expanding her studies in Pharmacoeconomics and Regulatory Affairs, as well as in Healthcare Services Management at AESE/IESE. Now at Pfizer, where she has been for the last 17 years, Ana Paula is passionate about leading innovation which truly transforms the lives of people living with chronic and debilitating autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, so they can thrive in remission and reclaim the things they love. Ana Paula is guided by the lessons she learnt growing up around resilience, compassion, perspective, equity and the joy of helping others in need.

As a people-centred leader, she believes in removing barriers and empowering her teams with the autonomy and purpose they need to pursue breakthroughs and big ideas which prevent patient suffering. Her leadership philosophy is to lead with integrity, curiosity, and transparency, whilst striving for excellence. She is also a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, previously serving as Co-Chair of the Pfizer European Diversity and Inclusion Council, and was awarded the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) Luminary award in 2021 by the HBA and Pfizer in recognition of her leadership, contribution to healthcare and for serving as a role model at the company.

Ana Paula is married to Miguel and has two sons, Gonçalo and Pedro. She lives in Madrid with her husband and their dog Boss. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, reading and travelling – combining the discovery of new places with food and family.

Connect with Ana Paula on LinkedIn.

Bernie Jaworski

Bernie Jaworski is the Drucker Chair in Management and the Liberal Arts, which is named in honor of Peter Drucker, the founder of modern management and the namesake of the Drucker School. The professorship is awarded to an internationally recognized scholar who carries on the Drucker legacy of tempering sound business practices with a commitment to social responsibility.

Jaworski comes to the Drucker School from the Switzerland-based IMD, a highly regarded international business school. As the school’s executive vice president for North America, he both taught courses and helped to expand the school’s reach into the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Prior to working at IMD, Jaworski spent a decade as a senior partner of the Monitor Group, a global management consulting firm. During his Monitor career, he co-founded and co-led two of the global practice areas, the e-commerce practice and the executive education unit. Among other activities, he was a senior team member of a number of significant multi-year corporate transformations.

From 1996 to 1999, Jaworski served as the Jeanne and David Tappan Marketing Fellow and a tenured full professor of marketing at the University of Southern California, where he ranked as one of the top five marketing scholars based on number of publications and citations. He has also served on the faculty at the University of Arizona and as a visiting professor at Harvard Business School as well as on the review boards of the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Marketing Research. He is the co-author four textbooks on e-commerce and has taught topics including leadership, corporate strategy, and service management.

David Sprott

David Sprott is the Henry Y. Hwang Dean and a professor of marketing in the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management and is on faculty at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. His research interests include retailing, branding, influence strategies, and marketing public policy.

He received his PhD in Marketing from the University of South Carolina and earned a BA in Business and an MBA from Kent State University. Prior to his arrival at the Drucker School, Sprott served as professor of marketing and dean of the College of Business at the University of Wyoming. At UW he led a renewed strategic vision embracing the student experience, quality academic research, and economic engagement of the state. Previously Sprott served on the faculty at Washington State University for more than two decades and held the Boeing/Scott and Linda Carson Chair of Marketing, among other leadership positions; he was a recipient of an Outstanding Faculty Research Award from the WSU College of Business.

Sprott’s research has been published in leading scholarly journals including Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, and Journal of Retailing. His teaching interests include retail management, leadership, brand management, consumer behavior, sales management, and research methods at the undergraduate, master, and doctoral levels.

Sprott is the author and co-author of numerous publications, including serving as co-editor of Handbook of Research on Customer Engagement, (Edward Elgar, 2019).

He is a member of several marketing and consumer organizations, including the American Marketing Association, Association for Consumer Research, and Society for Consumer Psychology.

Jorge Ribeirinho Machado

Jorge Ribeirinho Machado has s a PhD in Government and Organizational Culture from the University of Navarra, Master in Urban Planning from the Faculties of Architecture and Engineering of the University of Porto and Executive MBA AESE / IESE, graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Porto.

He worked at the Soares da Costa Project Office and Quaternaire Portugal before living two years in Kinshasa (DR Congo), where he managed development cooperation projects.

In 1999, when he returned to Portugal, he was hired to manage urban requalification projects at Porto 2001 – European Capital of Culture. He was a Guest Assistant at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

He has worked at AESE since 2003, where he held various management positions. He is currently Professor and Head of the Academic Area of ​​Operations, Technology and Innovation and Director of PDE Lisbon. He was a teacher at ASM – Angola School of Management for 10 years.

He specializes in Service Business Management, in particular in Operations, Customer Service Design and Delivery. He is a consultant in these areas and has been a non-executive member of the Board of Directors of a group of transport companies.

Jorge Sá

1. Jorge Sá is an expert on Peter Drucker and Philip Kotler, founders of modern management and modern marketing, respectively (with whom he studied and who offered letters of recommendation and endorsements for his books) and a former professor at IESE associated AESE, where he remains as a visiting professor, as well as at ISG Business & Economics School (Europe).

Has a master’s degree from the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management in California and a doctorate (PhD) in Business Administration, from Columbia University, in New York, where he was a student, research and teaching assistant. Also holds two undergraduate degrees (in business administration and economics) and a graduate degree in Macroeconomics.

He dedicates himself partly to academic research, which is disclosed to the large public in two of the largest European business media groups: Finanz Verlag/Tichys Einblick (in Germany) and DMG media/Business Plus (in Ireland).

Was awarded the Jean Monnet Chair by the Jean Monnet Foundation in Brussels, received several distinctions including a Fulbright fellowship and published twenty four books in twelve languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, Ukrainian, German, Lithuanian, Thai, Korean, Norwegian and Iranian which received endorsements, among others, from Peter F. Drucker, Cecily Drucker, Al Ries (author of the bestsellers Marketing Warfare and Positioning), Don Hambrick (Professor at Columbia University and The Pennsylvania State University), Karl Moore (Professor at Oxford and McGill University), Peter Starbuck (President of the London Drucker Society) and Philip Kotler.

Besides over thirty articles published in blind refereed reviews and journals of economics, business administration and medicine (such as the journal of internal medicine), he has addressed conferences and given seminars at several institutions including TED USA (, Drucker University, London Business School, IESE, Glasgow Business School, ESSEC (France), ESSAM (European Consortium of Business Schools), Oxford, Manchester Business School, George Washington University, University of São Paulo School of Economics, Institute of Experimental and Technological Biology, Liberty Forum (Brazil), University Jorge Amado, American Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg, Foundation Idea/Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg, European Centre For International Political Economy, Timbro, European Commission, Marketing Institute Estonia, Enterprise Ireland, etc. Has also addressed conferences and presented articles in several academic meetings, such as Academy of Management, Western Economic Association, Peter Drucker Society of Europe, etc.

Worked as private consultant, non-executive director or taught in the executive programs of multinational companies such as: Coca-Cola, SHELL, Unisys, IBM, Price Waterhouse, KPMG, Glaxo, British Petroleum – BP, Dun & Bradstreet, Deloitte & Touche, Makro (Metro group), Systéme U, I.F.A, Intermarché, Mini Prix Bonjours, Accenture, Watson Wyatt, Cap Gemini, Cesce, Scottish & Newcastle, Sara Lee, Total, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Logica, Indra, Grandvision, Jafep, Euler Hermes, Cosec, Pestana Group Hotels, Tivoli Hotels & Resorts, Millennium Bank, Julius Baer, SGG, Henkel, Abencys, Broadbill, Volkswagen Group, McDonald’s, MiTek, United Steel Products, Base Group, UnitedHealth group, Inapa, Vodafone, IDC, Merck, BPI Bank, Milestone, Fijowave, Foxpak, ND Sports, LLR-G5, Horan, Prodieco, Dennison, Grid Finance, Bluemetrix, Microsoft, etc.

His hobbies are History (wrote several books on the lessons of military campaigns for management) and football (degree as a professional coach). He speaks and writes (by alphabetical order) English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Katharina Pick

Katharina Pick is academic director and clinical associate professor of organizational behavior at the Drucker School of Management. She teaches MBA and executive courses in Organizational Behavior and Theory, Leadership Development, Teams, and Women in Business. She also provides individual coaching for developing leaders across a variety of contexts including museum leadership and policing.

Pick’s research examines the internal group dynamics of corporate boards of directors with a particular focus on the psychology of board membership, speaking-up behavior, and board process in decision making and conflict resolution. She has written on the subject of boardroom dynamics and board leadership. Other research interests include gender and leadership, role negotiation and social identity in high-status groups, and sense-making and diffusion of deviant organizational behavior. She received her PhD in Organizational Behavior and MA in Sociology from Harvard University and holds an MSW from University of Southern California.


Maria de Fátima Carioca

Maria de Fátima Carioca has been General Director of AESE Business School since 2014 and Professor in the Human Factor area at the Organization since 2005.

PhD in Management from Manchester Business School – University of Manchester, graduated in Electrotechnical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico and completed a Masters in Systems and Computer Engineering from the same University. She has a Masters in Matrimony and Family from the University of Navarre.

Co-founder of Edisoft-Company of services and software development, there she developed, for about 20 years, various functions in the areas of Business and People Management.

At AESE, she coordinates initiatives and studies in the areas of People Management, Talent, Future of Work, Family-Work Balance, Family Businesses, Leadership and Business Ethics.

She is the author of several articles and case studies and co-author of several books including, Free Markets with Sustainability and Solidarity: Facing the Challenge, What You Should Know About Ethics, Hope and Reinvention and, most recently, “Thue Future of Work”,

Nuria Chinchilla

Professor of Managing People in Organizations at IESE Business School (Barcelona, Spain), University of Navarra, holds the Carmina Roca and Rafael Pich-Aguilera Women and Leadership Chair. She is the founder of the International Center for Work & Family (IESE Business School) and the I-WiL Initiative (IESE Women in Leadership). Professor Chinchilla holds a Bachelor Degree in Law, an MBA, and two doctorates: one in Economics (IESE Business School), and the other in Business Management (University of Navarra).

Her areas of specialization include women and leadership, self-leadership, managerial competencies, family-responsive organizations, Corporate Family Responsibility, time management, interpersonal conflicts, and non-profit organizations. In 1984 she began working as a full-time professor at IESE.

Professor Chinchilla also serves as a consultant for companies and government agencies and is a member of several boards and advisory boards, including the VIP Advisory Board of the European Professional Women’s Network (EPWN).

She is a regular speaker at international conferences and at European, American, and African universities, as well as a visiting professor at business schools such as IPADE in Mexico, ISE in Brazil, INALDE in Colombia, IDE in Ecuador, PAD in Peru, ESE in Chile, IAE in Argentina, IEEM in Uruguay, Lagos Business School in Nigeria, and Strathmore University in Kenya.

Professor Chinchilla was named “Best Female Director of the Year” by the Spanish Federation of Female Directors, Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs (FEDEPE in Spanish). She is a member of the Royal Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences of Spain (RACEF in Spanish) since December 2017. She is also a member of the University Advisory Council of the UIC. In 2017, Professor Chinchilla received the Gold Cross from the Foundation for the Promotion of Europe (AEFE in Spanish). In 2012, she was Spain’s candidate for the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Between 2015 and 2019, she was a member of the board of the International Women’s Forum (Spain Chapter).

Dr. Chinchilla is co-author of several books, including: Integrating Life: Successfully leading Professional and Personal Trajectories in a Global World (Ariel, 2018); Masters of Our Destiny: How to Reconcile Professional, Family, and Personal Life (Ariel, 2007); Being a Family-Responsible Company: Luxury or Need? (Pearson Prentice Hall, 2006); Female Ambition (Palgrave, 2005); Decision Criteria in Hiring Processes in Spain: Are Women Discriminated Against? (ADECCO Foundation, 2003); Two Professions and One Family (Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament de Benestar i Familia, 2003); Female Entrepreneurship (1999); Women and Their Success (1995); and Paradigms of Leadership (2002). She is also the author of the book Executives’ Turnover, winner of the EADA prize in 1996.

Professor Chinchilla speaks seven languages.

For more information about Nuria Chinchilla’s biography, or articles and books that she has published, please visit her blog: You can see her full CV here.

Vasco Falcão

Vasco Falcão is the General Manager of Konica Minolta Portugal and Spain. He studied Business Management at the International University Lisbon and has more than 15 years of experience mainly focused on IT.

Vasco began his career as a consultant in Portugal Telecom and provided consultancy services in Deloitte for 5 years.

In 2003 he joined Konica Minolta as the Finance and Technology Director and became the General Manager of the portuguese branch in 2008. From 2013 to 2015 Vasco adds new responsibilities as the supervisor of Marketing strategy and activities in Cluster South as well as Head of Business processes transformation in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal. In 2017 Vasco takes charge of Konica Minolta in both Spain and Portugal.

Over the last years, Vasco has joined several remarkable academic experiences at a global level, an MBA in Management and Administration for AESE/IESE, Digital Disruption program at IMD and Leading Effective at Yale School of Management.

From May 2022 onwards he will work from Japan as responsible for the global DX strategy.


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